The Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA) presented checks totaling $70,000 to hotel associations in Haiti and The Bahamas to assist residents in both countries with Hurricane Matthew relief efforts. Recognizing the considerable hardship and damage which Haiti and part of the northern Bahamas faced in the aftermath of the hurricane, CHTA President Karolin Troubetzkoy called upon fellow hoteliers in the region to respond to the association's call for support.
CHTA developed a fundraising initiative through online auction channel, with which CHTA previously collaborated on a relief and recovery project for Dominica. Regional hoteliers donated room nights for the auction to benefit residents in Haiti and The Bahamas, some of whom continue to struggle to put their lives back in order.
"Thanks to the generosity of our CHTA members, we are heartened to make these contributions to our sister organizations," said Troubetzkoy. "Our Caribbean countries and the industry responded when help was needed and I wish to thank those who answered the call."
In Haiti, Hurricane Matthew claimed almost 1,000 lives in the southwestern part of the country and devastated agricultural and fishing sectors, flora, natural attractions, schools and homes, leaving thousands of families homeless and unable to meet basic human needs. In The Bahamas, there was severe damage on Grand Bahama Island, North and Central Andros, and the Berry Islands.