Taiwan is famed for the spectacular New Year's celebrations which take place in Taipei. On the evening of the 31st December, the capital lights up as people across the city  take to the streets to welcome in the New Year with an impressive fireworks display which lights up the famous 101 building, making Taipei 101 the largest New Year's Eve countdown clock in the world.

Ahead of the countdown celebrations, the spectacular 'Christmasland' in the Xinban district of the capital city, offers a modern take on Christmas with a neon tree, glitzy light shows and a series of concerts and events. In true Taiwan style, the Christmasland tree is lit up with 3-D Projection Mapping technology adding an extra sparkle to the festivities.

Taipei is the second city to welcome in the New Year and one of the most popular places to celebrate the New Year, over one million visitors are expected to travel to the city this month for the New Year's Eve celebrations and parties. As the countdown begins, the famous 101 building lights up floor by floor making it the largest countdown clock in the world. As the final floor is lit up, a spectacular display of fireworks is set off lighting up the skies of the capital with this unmissable show.

Another crowd puller is the New Year's Eve Countdown Concert organized by the Taipei city government. Every year several internationally renowned artists entertain the crowd starting from 6 pm until midnight. Thousands gather before the specially erected stage in front of the City Hall, to enjoy the music and dance whilst awaiting the countdown to the New Year.