Colour care for summer hair

Colour care for summer hair


With summer upon us and wedding, holiday and festival season in full swing, you need to be looking your best. Whether you’re looking for a whole new look for the sunshine or to simply revitalise your roots, the colour packages at Supercuts could give you the perfect look.

This season Supercuts have done the hard work for you by hand picking four of the hottest hair trends for you to choose from. Simply walk into a salon, choose your package A, B, C or D sit back, relax and leave with a hot new do for summer.

The new collection is inspired by the Wella professional’s SS 18 trend, Nontouring and Blonde Nontouring. This technique adds a natural glow and infuses hair with warmth while blending sharp contrast in shapes and texture. These include Graphic Bronde (A) which introduces flashes of lightened hair laced through darker shades. Focal Bronde (B) which brightens hair with cleverly placed ribbons of light around the hair line. Natural Bronde (C) for those looking to shift gears this summer and emphasise subtle and sophisticated multi tonal shades of brunette. And Boho Blonde (D) designed for longer hair top create lighter tones for a natural glow and modern blonde look

If you’re not a fan of the lighter look don’t worry – the four colour packages on offer at Supercuts are suitable for all shades and colours and the colour experts in salon will be able to advise the best package for you. All of the great value packages also include a bonding treatment, shampoo, cut and blow dry and prices start from £53.00.

However, your hair journey doesn’t end there, after care is crucial to ensure your colour continues to pop for months to come.

Kieron Foyles, Creative Director at Supercuts has given us his top tips on how to maintain healthy hair in the heat.

Keep calm and condition

Once colour is added to your hair it can become drier than usual, so a deep leave-in conditioner should be a staple part of your hair routine at least once a week. Simply apply to damp hair after leave in for 15-20 minutes, rinse out and feel fresh.

Turn down the heat

In the immediate few days and weeks after colouring your hair, try to cut down on the heat you apply, whether this be blow drying, straightening, curling or even washing with extra hot water. If it is unavoidable try to use your hair dryer on a cool setting and keep it at least 15cm away from your hair. But for the summer why not try a beach wave look and let your hair dry naturally to reduce any risk of damage.

Protect against the pool

If you are jetting off on holiday this summer, there are a few things to consider before going for a dip in the pool as chlorine can discolour and weaken your hair. For the serious swimmers out there consider using a swim cap to offer full protection, alternatively using a leave-in conditioner or coconut oil will create a barrier between the water and your hair.

Hold off on washing

The more you wash your hair the more the colour is likely to fade away, so cutting down on your washes is one of the best ways to make your look last longer. Try to limit your washes to 2-3 times a week. As well as helping the colour it will also preserve the natural oils leaving your locks feeling luscious.

Ask instore at your nearest salon for more details on the four colour packages.

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