Council staff are broadening their horizons and helping the local community as part of the Employee Volunteering Scheme. A scheme run by the City of Wolverhampton Council allows employees to take up to two days of paid volunteering leave providing it fits in with business requirements, is of benefit to not for profit organisations, and is within Wolverhampton.

If an employee is interested in volunteering but is not sure what they would like to do they get guidance from partners at the Volunteer Centre, who offer volunteering options.

More than 20 staff have volunteered since the scheme’s inception earlier this year, and Councillor John Reynolds, Cabinet Member for City Economy, said: “The employee volunteering scheme is a brilliant way of developing new skills and experience which benefits the employee, the council and the city.

“As well as the chance to develop and share their talents, employee volunteering is a great way of playing a more active role in society.

“It broadens your outlook and appreciation of diverse communities, creating a greater awareness of the needs of the community.

“Volunteering can also improve job satisfaction, morale and personal development, and simply be a means of giving, to help create a more self-reliant and resilient society.”

Jacqui Parfitt, who is part of the council’s Young Persons Team in Housing Support, took advantage of the scheme to volunteer at her son Carl’s cycle speedway club – Wednesfield Aces.

She was able to offer her services at a critical time when the club was gearing up to be one of Great Britain’s host tracks for the World Championships in August.

Jacqui said: “Both my husband and I volunteer at the club when we can, as they have helped Carl to such a high standard of riding.

“I feel really privileged that I was able to take advantage of the volunteer scheme run by the council.

“It gave me the opportunity to help out at a time that the whole cycle speedway world had its eyes on Wolverhampton.”