Prime Minister Boris Johnson has set out the government’s ‘COVID-19 Response – Autumn and Winter Plan 2021’(external link)  for managing COVID-19.

The publication outlines the government’s plans for autumn and winter 2021 for England. It includes the government’s ‘Plan A’ – a comprehensive approach designed to steer the country through autumn and winter 2021/22.

It also outlines a ‘Plan B’ which would only be implemented if the data suggests further measures are necessary to protect the NHS.

The PM outlined how the success of the vaccine programme has put the British public in a stronger position to fight the disease – with 80% of the population over 16 now double-vaccinated and Covid antibodies in 90% of the adult population.

Plan A is to continue with the government’s current strategy:

  • Continue to offer testing
  • Continue to urge everyone to be responsible – wash hands, use ventilation, wear a face covering in crowded places, stay at home if you are feeling unwell, download and use the NHS Test & Trace app
  • Intensify the vaccine programme with the introduction of COVID19 vaccination for 12 to 15-year-olds
  • Implement the COVID19 booster programme for those over 50 and those under 50 at higher risk, offering a third vaccine dose 6 months after the second jab.
  • The previously announced, mandatory vaccine only Covid status certification in certain, riskier settings, such as night clubs, from the end of September, will not go ahead.

The government will continue to monitor data and update advice as required.

Plan B will be implemented with reserve measures to be introduced if further action is required to protect the NHS and will include:

  • The introduction of mandatory face covering in all public places
  • Advise people to again work from home where they can
  • Introducing mandatory vaccine only Covid status certification in certain, riskier settings. 

Dr Will Maimaris, Director of Public Health at Haringey Council said: “COVID-19 remains a serious public health threat and protecting our older and most vulnerable people is this council’s number one priority, especially as we head into what will be a challenging autumn and winter.

“I would urge everyone to continue to do the right thing and follow advice to reduce transmission of the virus within our community. If you are aged 16+ and haven’t been vaccinated yet, please do so without further delay. Please also book your booster vaccine as soon as you are contacted by the NHS. This is the best way that you can protect yourself, your family and the community from COVID-19 and prevent restrictions being reintroduced.”

For information on vaccination in Haringey, including an up-to-date schedule of walk-in vaccine clinics, please visit: