Rates of coronavirus infections are rising among young people in Birmingham, it has been revealed. Despite the city's overall rates falling since it was named on a Covid-19 watch-list, new cases in those aged 20-29 have risen in the last two weeks. The age group now accounts for the most positive tests, it has been said.

Birmingham has been given enhanced support to tackle the virus's spread. Younger people have been urged to "keep the region safe for everyone".

Dr Sue Ibbotson, Public Health England's director for the West Midlands, urged those in the "lower risk age group" to continue to follow government guidance over the bank holiday to "reduce the risk of local lockdown".

"As a 20-something you might not feel particularly ill if you catch Covid-19 but if you don't stick to the rules… there is a risk you will infect someone near and dear to you," she added.

West Midlands Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner told the regional briefing that special operations would target illegal raves and unlicensed music events over the bank holiday.

Last weekend the force broke up 96 events and since then new measures have been introduced allowing police to fine organisers up to £10,000.

By mid-September, Birmingham City Council plans to introduce "enhanced contact tracing", which the local Director of Public Health Dr Justin Varney told a board meeting on Thursday could be used to get in touch with young people living in areas where large gatherings have taken place.

Latest figures from Public Health England put the number of new infections in Birmingham at 25.2 per 100,000 people, for the seven days up to 25 August, down from 26.2.
Birmingham has been joined on the government's list of areas to receive enhanced support by Sandwell.

The Black Country local authority has seen the number of cases rise slightly after a fall over the last fortnight. Birmingham City Council has also been given new powers to allow it to close pubs and restaurants that do not have adequate risk assessments to help combat the outbreak.

The Tipu Sultan restaurant, in Moseley, is the first business in the city to be handed a Direction Notice, ordering it to make changes or face possible closure.

The city council said five confirmed cases of Coronavirus had been linked to the premises in four weeks and that it had "flouted" government guidance.