On Sunday 21st June 2015, the lives of the Wu family were turned upside down as 2 sisters fell victims of a horrific car crash; Shelly aged 6 years (Left) and Lily aged 7 (Right) lost their lives in such tragic circumstances. The family were heading to Sunday school as a car travelling at excessive speed overtook a bus and plunged into 5 family members causing them to immediate collapse. 3 other members; mother, brother and sister are still fighting for their lives in critical care.

Organiser Kazi Mohammed Hasanur Rahman, who lives in the neighbourhood stated "Being one of the first on the scene I called the ambulances services & witnessed firsthand the horrific aftermath of this accident. I quickly came to realize they were all from one family which is very disheartening as family means so much to me too. I clearly remember holding the brother in my arms and was asked to continually keep Edward speaking to help him remain consciousness. All this happened on Father's Day while the Father was at work."

"Let’s be honest; no amount of money will make what happened okay again.The lives of the people involved will never be the same. What we as caring human beings can now do is to help the family in any way possible. This means, emotionally, physically and if possible financially. The money will go directly to the family to help them with financial funeral arrangements, possible after care help, their day to day living costs and whichever way the family feel will ease them back into their lives."

Please help where you can.