Anyone wishing to vote in the EU Referendum must be on the electoral register  – and the deadline for registration is 7 June 2016. After this date, people who have not registered will not be able to vote in the EU Referendum. Anyone who has not yet registered to vote can do so online at – it only takes a few minutes.

Robert Connelly, Head of Electoral Services at Birmingham City Council, said: “Anyone who is not registered will be unable to vote in the EU Referendum on 23 June.

“Some people missed the April deadline for the local and PCC elections on 5 May and I would urge anyone who has yet to register to vote to do so as soon as possible. It is quick and easy, just visit and enter your details.  If people were registered for the elections earlier this month, they don’t need to register again unless they have moved house.”

Anyone not included on the electoral register not only loses their vote but may also have difficulty getting credit, making it difficult to get a mortgage or even a phone contract in future.