Thanks to its extravagant Halloween celebrations and striking autumnal foliage, the USA has been named as the top destination to visit alone this autumn In new data released by travel dating website and app, 9.9% of UK members have named the USA as their top destination for a solo trip this September to November. Following the USA's lead, the most popular short-haul destination for TourBar's UK travellers is Spain (8.5%), thanks to its cooler climate after the sweltering summer months. Taking a break at home also proved popular amongst TourBar's UK members, with 7.3% claiming they were planning to take a staycation ahead of the gloomier winter months. Other destinations popular with UK travellers this autumn include tropical Thailand (7%), faraway Australia (5.9%) and picturesque Italy (3.7%).

Looking at the favourite destinations across all of TourBar's one million global members, an autumn trip to India (8.9%) secured the top spot, thanks to its iconic landmarks and incredible scenery. It seems that solo visits to the US are a global trend too, since 8.3% of all members worldwide are keen to take a trip there in the coming months, closely followed by Spain (5.1%) and Turkey (4.4%).

For those busy planning a trip alone this autumn, TourBar offers the ideal opportunity to find a travel companion, as members simply register their travel plans through the TourBar website or app, to meet with like-minded travellers who are also planning to visit the same destination. Alternatively, for those who are intending to stay cosy at home this autumn, members can also register as a Guide to tour foreign travellers eager to take a stroll through the golden-coloured countryside.

Now that the streets have cooled off following the summer heat, sightseeing during the off-peak season proved popular with 27.1% of UK members taking a trip this autumn. However, 9.3% of UK travellers listed catching the last of the sunshine at the beach as their main priority during an autumn trip and 13.1% plan to take a road trip. Other activities popular with travellers included enjoying a destination's cuisine (9.3%) and attending a festival or concert (7.3%).

A post-summer solo trip appears to be most popular with younger travellers, since 40.6% of those travelling this autumn are aged 25 – 34 years old and 24.8% are aged 35 – 44 years old. Likewise, the majority (68%) of those travelling solo this autumn are male.

TourBar's Public Relations Manager, Anastasia Zolotova, added: “Travelling during the autumn months is not only a great way to save money following the peak summer months, but also a fantastic option for avoiding the crowds. For solo travellers, TourBar offers the perfect opportunity to find travel companions for sharing autumnal walks and cosy comfort food with – you might just 'fall' in love!”