A learned and well respected leader who is always under constant demand, His Imperial Majesty King Dr. Adetoyese Olaskisan is spreading his healing hands, wisdom and holy spirit, offering his valued time and presence visiting Great Britain on a regular basis, to see his wife HRH Areiyagbogbo and children in London and providing for people worrying about their spiritual attacks, needing help by way of traditional African medicine for any diseases.

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The King of Aborigine Ogboni Fraternity all over the world, he offers ladies “who are desperately wishing for a baby, for instance,” he says, “and the doctors have given up on them, then we can help them with that dream coming true.

Anyone, anywhere around the world, who is not well, regardless of the illness, I will visited them and look after them,” he said. “I will go anywhere in the world to heal and unite Africans.”

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Over the past 30 years His Imperial Majesty King Dr. Adetoyese Olaskisan has become a regular visit to the UK, and can be heard on Galaxy Radio 102.5FM, in London, where he offers blessings for traditional engagements, wedding, birthdays, novelty and festivals, ceremonies, worships, Arts & Culture, funerals, coronations, graduations, songs, drama, dance, music, entertainment, sacrifices, rites & rituals, child naming ceremonies and chieftaincy title ordinations and ceremonies.

He has visited Manchester and Liverpool, in recent times, and is looking to offer his powers and words of wisdom to the West Midlands very soon: “I am very keen to visit Birmingham,” he says. “I want to offer help in uniting the people of the city and giving them a greater understanding of Africa and African people.”

Galaxy Radio 102.5FM can be found at: www.galaxyafiwe.com