For six-year-old Sandwell schoolgirl Evie, there is no doubt littering is rubbish!

Evie wrote a letter and designed an eye-catching poster explaining to the council why littering and tipping rubbish is a bad thing and that she wants it to stop.

To thank Evie for her efforts, the Mayor of Sandwell Councillor Joy Edis invited her to the Mayor’s Parlour.

Evie wanted people to stop dumping rubbish on paths and at Sandwell's parks, so she created a poster explaining how to correctly dispose of waste.

In her letter, she explained why she doesn’t like people throwing rubbish on the floor. She said: “I want the world to look wonderful not scruffy. It will make the world complete if people do not throw their rubbish on the floor anymore."

Sue Ramsay, headteacher at Eaton Valley Primary School where Evie is a pupil, was very impressed when she found out about the letter. “It is great to see a child so young making her voice heard,” she said.

And Evie's mum Jane is very proud of her daughter. She said: “Evie took it upon herself to do this poster and write a letter to the council due to her passion for a cleaner and tidier Sandwell.”

Mayor of Sandwell, Councillor Joy Edis, said: "I was extremely impressed by Evie's colourful poster urging people not to drop litter, and also her letter, saying she doesn't like people throwing their litter on the floor.

"It was lovely to meet Evie, along with her dad and grandparents - who brought her to the Parlour - to chat to her about her views on this important issue which obviously matters very deeply to her."