Blue skies, blooming flowers, and animals being welcomed into the world for the very first time can only mean one thing. Springtime has arrived in the Arctic!

Aurora Expeditions, specialists in polar voyaging, offers a front row seat to witness the spectacular rebirth of this remote wilderness as the breath-taking cycle of life begins again.

Gaudy coloured puffins feed hungry chicks and baby gannets and guillemots are starting to hatch. And, one of the most enchanting sights of the Arctic; polar bears begin to emerge from their dens with tiny bear-cubs by their side.

On board the voyage Across the Arctic Circle travellers will follow migrating whales along Norway's dramatic coast, visit picturesque fishing villages, and enter a polar wonderland in Spitsbergen, where spring flowers decorate hilltops.

In late spring and early summer, the ice is breaking, the snow begins to melt, and the warm weather makes for a cosy environment for new-borns. The season showcases magnificent wilderness that sees the breeding of walrus, reindeer, and millions of birds.

There is no better time to see the Arctic than in all of its springtime glory. And for passengers with experience, there is the chance to kayak in these remote and unfrequented waters. Whether it is paddling in the fjords of Norway, or amongst walrus, humpback whales and polar bears in the Arctic, this is a unique and unforgettable way to connect to a spectacular and isolated environment.

And the 14 day voyage, from Aberdeen to Longyearbyen, is packed with hiking trails and zodiac excursions, promising all passengers on board the Arctic voyage the chance to experience this beautiful landscape from a range of unique perspectives.

It's an once-in-a-lifetime journey that showcases the beauty of nature and the cycle of life in a land where, at this time of year, the sun never sets.