Barcelona's huge attraction for visitors has had the effect of leaving much of its province, Catalonia, a bit neglected as a travel destination, but a veritable treasure trove of culture, gastronomy, tradition and adventure awaits the visitor here. This is one of the Mediterranean's most richly varied regions offering everything from secret, turquoise coves with beachside restaurants in the summer to excellent skiing in the winter.

Barcelona Inside & Out is all about experiencing what makes Catalonia tick and having an authentic local experience. For those who like to go off the beaten track we take them to sleepy, medieval villages with wonderful boutique hotels and great local restaurants. Visitors explore the incredibly varied countryside, it's wine cellars and myriad cultural gems, including the largest concentration of Romanesque buildings in Europe. And for families there are endless opportunities for unique adventure from bear tracking to canyoning down mountain waterfalls.

According to Anthony the success of a holiday depends on effective research, knowing what each individual client wants and also being able to offer something original. It is also about having plenty of local knowledge and contacts. “Having lived here so long I know and understand the local customs and traditions. We look for experiences unique to the region which our guests can get involved with - like meeting the Castellers.“ says Anthony. “Also central to what we do is the belief that the best does not always mean the most expensive. For example, Catalonia is home to some of the world's most creative cuisine and has 54 Michelin-star restaurants, but a feast of fresh seafood in a secret family-run restaurant can be just as enjoyable.”

Barcelona Inside & Out arranges perfectly weighted, tailor-made holidays around each person or group's interests. “If it's a family holiday we will organize a pirate boat or even shepherding for a day. If wine is your thing, we'll arrange a tour of the region's top vineyards in the company of an expert guide.” says Anthony.

What makes Barcelona Inside & Out's product stand out is that it draws on their depth of knowledge and love of the region. “We have many friends here and relationships that can open doors normally off limits to other visitors.” says Anthony. “A good example is Montserrat, where we are allowed exclusive access to some of the monastery's outstanding art collection.”