40% of people struggle to put their romantic thoughts into words. So what is the secret to crafting the perfect Valentine’s Day verse?

According to research, 38% struggle to put our romantic thoughts into words. In fact, the art of penning a love letter seems to have died out altogether, with 59% of us preferring a text message or social media update instead.

Working with Interflora, professional poet and member of the Poetry Society, Julia Bird is aiming to change this, and bring back the art of the love letter. Julia shares her expert advice into crafting the perfect verse for your one-and-only, including;

- The Formula for the Perfect Love Poem – based on “scientific” analysis of the nation’s 10 favourite love poems. As simple as: x (p + b + c + o)?

- Julia also provides 10 expert tips into how to get romantic poetry right, ensuring it is beautifully crafted prose, and not tongue-tied tripe.

- We can also share further statistics into the nation’s habits when it comes to romantic gestures, including the last time we sent or received a love letter!