A former government adviser on race relations - with responsible for boosting vaccine take-up – especially within the Black, Asian and Multi-Ethnic communities in the UK is now undertaking a new programme to tackle racism in healthcare.

Samuel Kasumu is now behind the Transformational Leadership Programme to improve public health outcomes for Black and Minority Ethnic people in the boroughs of Lambeth and Southwark in London. 

The programme is set to develop leadership skills with an online training and coaching networks.

After the two-year programme, two leaders are set to be selected and placed on a board of organisation within the two boroughs. Kasumu, who resigned as race advisor to Prime Minister Boris Johnson in April, is now hoping that the programme will give more Black people the opportunity to serve and make a difference in their communities.

He said: “During my time in government I found that being Black and from a working-class background meant that I could offer different perspectives. Covid -19 is shining a light on both disparities that still exist, and the need for better representation where decisions are being made.”

The new programme, in partnership with On Urban Health, is set to grow opportunities UK-wide.