Fosterline England has today launched a campaign to motivate people from all backgrounds to consider if they can care enough to become a foster carer.  The exciting new campaign to recruit foster carers entitled #OneMoreHome is commencing on May 8, 2017 and crosses all social media platforms.

It encourages everyone who comes into contact with the social media ‘Thunderclap’ campaign to support and share the message on social media, use the hashtag, download posters from, and to contact the service if they feel inspired to become a foster carer.

There are more children waiting to be taken into foster care now than in recent years.  In 2016, Ofsted uncovered that the number of applications to become a foster carer plunged by one-third. That’s a fall of over 5,400 applications, compared to the previous year.  Additionally, more foster carers are needed for those from sibling groups, teenagers, black and minority ethnic groups, those with disabilities and asylum seeking children.

Steve Stockley - Fosterline Manager, said: “In the last 12 months, Fosterline received over 12,500 contacts from people seeking information on how to become a foster carer, or find a fostering service.  We are asking for people to step forward who might consider fostering because of their own experiences, their inspiration by other foster carers, or by the stories of looked after children and young people, and add one more home to the growing numbers that require a stable environment.

“As a foster carer myself people say that they admire what I do, but feel that they couldn’t do it themselves.  Whether you think you could foster or not; you can assist by sharing our campaign among your social media networks.  Help us to help the fostering services, in finding foster carers to support our looked after children and young people.”