Lightsaber professionals for a decade, the best representatives of LudoSport will land in San Francisco CA, to present the "sporting lightsaber combat", an italian discipline created in 2006.  An answer to the many requests of spreading this fascinating sport. Sporting Lightsaber Combat was born under the LudoSport name in Milan, Italy ten years ago. Today, LudoSport is a consolidated network – that many others already tried to imitate – representing the worldwide benchmark and state-of-the-art on a sporting level thanks to a fully codified discipline mixing fencing techniques – designed esclusively for the lightsaber – with the captivating performances of the duels with such an iconic weapon.

After the successful opening of Lightsaber Combat academies in England, Ireland, Russia, Sweden, Belgium, France and Spain, LudoSport will bring its lightsaber combat sporting standard to the Bay Area, where people will be allowed to have a first contact with this discipline and maybe deepen enough to become a certified LudoSport Instructor.

The Star Wars fandom is already in motion to support this initiative, a virtual bridge between Europe and America, in which the largest sporting community worldwide – men and women fighting with lightsabers under common rules and shared principles – will arrive in the land where it all began.