Yorkshire-based Triplevision Games secured support from UK publisher Fireshine Games for the launch of their funded project, These Doomed Isles.

Andrew Stewart, Creative Director at Triplevision Games, said: “When we pitched to the UK Games Fund, we had a pretty ugly, unpolished prototype and not enough time to work on it! The funding we received allowed us both to work full time on developing the core loop, adding art and gave us the time we needed to put together a polished demo, pitch deck and Steam page.

“This in turn led to us talking to various publishers and eventually signing with Fireshine. Without the support of the UKGF, we’d probably still be freelancing and working on putting our pitch together, instead of looking at launching the game into Early Access this Summer.”

Inspired by classic god games, survival city-builders and roguelike deck-builders, in These Doomed Isles you’ll craft your deck of cards to raise islands from the sea, build settlements for your followers and keep them alive as famine threatens, forests burn and raiders loom on the horizon.

Sean Campbell, Product Manager at Fireshine Games, said: “When we received the build for These Doomed Isles we knew we had our hands on something special. The game already had such a compelling gameplay loop that we found ourselves playing it for hours and that was the sign that we had to be the ones to publish it!”