I have just returned to the UK after a short trip to Calais, France - a journey thousands of British families will make this summer as they go on holiday. Yet I went to visit the children living all alone in the refugee camp that's become known as 'the jungle'.  The young boys I met had all made dangerous journeys to escape war and many are trying to reach family members who are waiting for them right here in the UK. The children I spoke to had suffered so much, and being reunited with aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters would be a life-changing opportunity to escape the dangers of trafficking, abuse and exploitation which they risk while stuck in Calais. 

The Government has promised to help these children be reunited with their families, but many have already waited months, and are so desperate they are willing to risk their lives by attempting to stowaway in trucks or trains to get to the UK. It’s time for the Government to fulfil its commitments now, and get these children to safety with their families now.

I’d urge your readers to join Unicef UK in calling on the Government to reunite refugee children in Europe with their families in the UK at 

Lily Caprani, Deputy Executive Director, Unicef UK