New efficient street lamps that will slash energy waste and cut costs have been installed across Haringey. The first phase of the council’s major street lighting overhaul has now been completed, with outdated lighting replaced with energy-efficient LED lanterns, which use around about 30% less energy than a standard bulb and will save thousands of pounds in energy costs.

As part of the £3.4million project, set for completion by the end of March, existing lanterns have been replaced with new LED lanterns and existing cast iron columns have been refurbished. In areas where it has not been possible to refurbish columns, they have been replaced with decorative steel columns, arms and lanterns, while existing concrete columns are being replaced with new steel columns.

Cabinet Member for Environment Cllr Stuart McNamara said:

“Our work to upgrade street lighting is just one of many ways we are fulfilling the council’s commitment to improving the local environment.

“Switching to more energy efficient lighting benefits both local residents and the environment by reducing our carbon footprint and saving money for essential services.”