Hacks to save money on Mother’s Day

Hacks to save money on Mother’s Day


Making your mum a scrapbook, creating a personalised keepsake or putting together a beautiful, yet affordable hamper is just some of the ways you can treat your mum this Mother’s Day, without breaking the bank.

The gifting gurus at PersonalisedGiftsShop have put together a list of delightful personalised gift ideas, which can show love and appreciation for little.

These include personalising a keepsake, filling a scrapbook or even making her a homemade rose sugar scrub.

A spokesperson from PersonalisedGiftsShop said: “Showing your mum you love and care for her is definitely the most important part of Mother’s Day.

“But it doesn’t have to mean spending hundreds of pounds on a present. Sometimes the best gift you can give your mum is something that is personal and thoughtful.

“With our money-saving Mother’s Day hacks below, you can treat your mum to something special minus the expense.”

Here are PersonalisedGiftsShop’s Hacks to save money on Mother’s Day:

Make a homemade gift

If you’re strapped for cash this Mother’s Day, why not make your mum a homemade gift? This doesn’t have to be a basic card, it can actually be something that your mother can use and enjoy. For maximum indulgence make a natural rose petal scrub: take dried rose petals, 2 cups of sugar, 2 cups of coconut oil and blitz together. Any remaining petals can be sprinkled in the bath for a high-end spa feel for next to nothing.

Make her a beauty hamper

Fill a gift basket with her favourite inexpensive products. Her favourite shampoo, conditioner and toothpaste could be included as well as samples of her favourite beauty products. Decorate the basket with a beautiful ribbon for a present that’s both affordable and fabulous.

Fill a scrapbook with memories

Remembering some amazing memories, you’ve shared over the years is a gift that your mum will cherish forever. Fill a scrapbook up with lots of images from family holidays, events and occasions. For a nostalgic walk down memory lane.

Unique and Personal

Rather than splurging on a designer handbag or shoes, make a day-to-day object unique by adding a personalised touch. Get a keepsake engraved or add a message onto a cotton tote bag. Resulting in a timeless and cherished gift for maximum impact and little cost.

Jazz up your flowers

If you’re choosing to get your mum some flowers for Mother’s Day, but can’t afford an expensive bunch, why not jazz them up yourself? Buy an inexpensive vase and decorate it with paint and glitter. You could also add a ribbon around the middle of the vase, for an extra special touch that doesn’t cost a lot.

Create a playlist

Make a playlist filled with all of her favourite tunes and share it through a streaming website. If your mum is a little challenged when it comes to technology, why not download a few and pop them onto a CD for her? Or, to save even more money, you could collect up all of her most-loved albums and burn her favourite tracks from the albums onto a new CD, so all of her favourite music will be together on one disc.

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