As the UK is predicted to be hit with the first heatwave of 2024 later this month, and Brits brace for a sweltering summer, you may be thinking, is your home ready to beat the heat?

To avoid the scramble to buy a fan like every other Brit, London rubbish removal company Rainbow Rubbish Removals has revealed their expert tips on how to get ahead and prepare your home for the heat in April.

Expert tips for heat-proofing your home:

  1. Clean and Declutter

Elevate your typical spring clean this year by decluttering your space.  Not only does this have mental and physical health benefits, but it will also have knock-on effects on how your space copes with the summer heat. Clutter not only looks unsightly but is also known to absorb heat and restrict airflow making your home temperatures soar. 

Whether you donate, sell or dispose of your clutter, getting rid of your unwanted items will not only clear your space but also your mind. 

  1. Cool Down Spaces with Plants

Indoor plants have incredible benefits from health to air quality, creativity and more. So, it's no surprise that plants can help keep your home cool. Plants, similarly to humans, sweat (transpire). Plants will release excess water which can help reduce the temperature of their surroundings. 

Some great examples include the snake plant, peace lily, and aloe vera which can also be used as a natural sunburn treatment - a win-win.  

  1. Sleep Better with Breathable Bedding

Many switch to lighter tog duvets during summer in an effort to get a good night's sleep, but don’t realise that the duvet cover may be impacting your sleep more than you’d think. 

Choosing fabrics that are lightweight and breathable may be the key to sweet dreams. Natural fabrics such as cotton, bamboo or linen are great alternatives for hotter nights. Linen as a fabric has cooling properties, it is very breathable, highly absorbable and even antimicrobial, all adding up to a sound night of sleep.

  1. Use Curtains and Blinds to Keep Heat Out

Keeping blinds or curtains shut during sunny days to cool your home down is far from a myth, in fact, 87% of heat gain comes through your windows making installing or upgrading your blinds and curtains the first step to keeping cool on a hot day. 

Curtains are getting smarter, too, and many shops stock thermal curtains designed to help keep rooms cool in summer and warm in winter, so they do the hard work for you. 

  1. Replace Old Lightbulbs

Lightbulbs that are inefficient, such as traditional incandescent bulbs, will typically give off excess heat. Did you know that incandescent bulbs only use about 10% of the energy consumed for light, meaning 90% is therefore emitted as heat, making them one of the many reasons your home may be scorching. 

Alternative bulbs such as LEDs produce significantly less heat and use less energy, making them a great choice for those looking for a more energy-efficient bulb with the rewards of less heat and more longevity.