Holyhead School goes global

Holyhead School goes global


Over the past 5 years Holyhead School have received funding from the British Council to build global partnerships. Staff have had the opportunity to build partnerships with Jamaica, Kenya and Ghana this year.

The aims of the Connecting Classrooms project include; “Increasing global citizenship by introducing global themes into the curriculum; providing opportunities for students to explore these contexts and to recognise similarities and differences between cultures; setting up collaborative curriculum projects between students in partner schools; enriching education through collaborative work between schools and developing sustainable links between schools.”

Both staff and students at Holyhead School value the Connecting Classrooms projects as through these partnerships both schools get an understanding of what good practice looks like in another part of the world, thus enriching each other’s education system.

Teachers get a chance to work with colleagues from schools similar to their own, on projects that give students the knowledge, understanding, skills and values that they need. Students participate ensuring their own, and others’, well-being is positive and making a contribution, locally and globally.

Look out for the full article in the July edition of The Phoenix Newspaper!

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