As our hearts goes out to the people of Bahamas, Hurricane Dorian have been catastrophic on the Island of Bahamas killing at least seven people, destroying as many homes during its path of dark destruction through the Bahamas this past weekend.

Despite been downgraded to a category 2 Hurricane, it came to a grinding halt on Tuesday morning as the Bahamas came to a virtual standstill after days of howling winds of up to 175mp with fierce rain where it battered the Island with a Category 5 status the strongest in history of a Atlantic hurricane. The hurricane battered the islands of Abaco, Grand Bahama and left The Grand Bahama airport under 6 feet of water. Fear gripped residents as the wind tore roofs off and had houses or what remained of houses under siege. Dorian has been unleashing torrents of rain, as the entire area continues to endure devastating and flooding in its wake.

The scale of the catastrophe and intensity of damages in the Bahamas is just beginning to unfold as a large mass of area is still under complete water.

Now that there is the calm after the storm, the water has risen so high that many are forced to wait out the storm by taking refuge at shelters and or in their roof spaces.

Literally, everything is under water, fire trucks, police vehicles therefore posing a situation where not much help can be done thus staying put and no one can leave where they are presently to go anywhere to help. With the streets impassible due to rising waters, stranded vehicles on top of each with pounding rain still falling islanders are devising actions to be taken once it is safe to do so.

Dozens of individuals were attempting to rescue those nearby that are trapped along with animals however this is proving quite exhausting after spending the last few days under water clinging to their lives.

The Prime Minister of Bahamas, Mr Hubert Minnis, spoke yesterday in the aftermath of the hurricane said “We are in the midst of an historic tragedy.” As he added: “The devastation is unprecedented and extensive.”

It is estimated that over 70,000 people in both Abaco and Grand Bahama will need food and supplies following the destruction on the island as swiftly as possible especially with babies, toddlers and the elderly that requires the help.

Mr Hubert Minnis tweeted that "There are many difficult days, weeks and months ahead of us as a people and as a country." "Relief and rapid assessment teams are standing by and will be deployed to Abaco and Grand Bahama as soon as possible."

As Hurricane Dorian will remain a powerful hurricane during the next couple of days the exact toll of the devastation is not known at this stage and rescue crews cannot as yet execute their plan of actions on the ground. Dorian battered the Bahamas since landfall over the weekend and it is expected to be one of severe damages.

Dorian is now moving north however there is evidence of miles of debris from houses that were pulled apart and have left the island in disrepair as life will start all over again for those who have survived.

During this very difficult time for those in Bahamas our thoughts and prayers are completely with them and profound condolences to the families to whom have lost their loved ones.

By Dee Burrowes, Life Coach/Author.