India marks 100 years since Amristar massacre

India marks 100 years since Amristar massacre


Ceremonies have taken place to mark 100 years since the massacre in the Indian city of Amritsar.

Hundreds of Indian civilians were shot by British troops while attending a public meeting, in defiance of a ban by colonial authorities.

British Prime Minister Theresa May described the incident as a “tragedy” and “a shameful scar on British Indian history”, but stopped short of the formal apology that some have called for.

British High Commissioner Dominic Asquith stopped short of a formal apology. Speaking at the scene in India as he laid a wreath, he said: “The revulsion that we felt at the time is still strong today.’ ‘You might want to rewrite history, as the Queen said, but you can’t. ‘What you can do, as the Queen said, is to learn the lessons of history. ‘I strongly believe we are.

“There is no question that we will always remember this. We will never forget what happened here.”

The death toll is disputed. An inquiry set up by the colonial authorities put the figure at 379, but Indian sources put it nearer to 1,000.

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