Is West Midlands home to the most impressive gaming setup in the...

Is West Midlands home to the most impressive gaming setup in the UK?


The search is on to find the UK’s ultimate gaming rig. The UK’s largest independent tech retailer Ebuyer is asking for gamers from across the UK to submit photos of their gaming setup for a chance to win a £200 Ebuyer voucher code to add to their setup.

Creating your own gaming rig is a rite of passage for gaming enthusiasts, with fans looking to continuously build bigger and better setups to enhance their gaming experience. By modifying your PC, it allows for the ultimate gaming experience, creating features that aren’t part of the intended experience.

Recently it was revealed, American rapper Post Malone is a huge gamer, with him unveiling his custom-built gaming PC that cost him approximately $6,400! * Although his set up is extreme, it features the key essentials for a top rig, include a gaming PC, fast monitors for a cinematic experience, additional storage and graphic cards and a liquid cooling system.

All these essentials come at a cost, but we want to find the UK gamer who has the ultimate gaming setup – think big, extravagant and costly!

Submit your pictures through the Ebuyer blog here:

“We also want to see your images across social media so, don’t forget to use #showoffyoursetup when sharing.  “

Stephen James, Marketing Manager at Ebuyer said: “Here at Ebuyer we are fascinated by all things gaming. We want to see the real life setups of some of the best gaming rigs out there. It’s going to be interesting to see just how dedicated UK gamers are to their hobby, and just how extreme some of the rigs are!”

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