Jamaica’s Minister of Tourism, Edmund Bartlett, has hailed former Minister of State in the ministry Dr Henry ‘Marco’ Brown, calling him “a tourism trailblazer, who helped to lay the foundations of the sector on which we continue to build.”

Expressing his condolences to the family of the former state minister, in a statement Bartlett added: “Marco was truly a committed family man and lover of life."


“He served as Minister of State for Tourism throughout the two JLP (Jamaica Labour Party) terms in the 1980s and played his part in building the tourism product with great care, especially water, sports and community tourism.” Brown reportedly recently died from COVID-related complications.

The tourism minister said: “Dr Brown made a significant contribution to the tourism industry and his insight and dynamism will be greatly missed.” Meanwhile, Opposition spokesperson on Tourism, Janice Allen, who also expressed sadness at Dr Brown's passing, said: "He served the community and Montegonians in his own way".

"A simple man, a simple doctor who made all of us feel special and at ease with whatever might have ailed us. His most welcoming smile and generous ways made the waiting lines long in his practice as he turned no one away. If we could have more Marco Browns, this city and this country would be a better place.

She described him as: “a good and decent, humble human being." Bartlett also lauded the former state minister for his work in the political arena.

Bartlett further stated: “He had an indomitable will to fight for the people of Southern St James, as well as the then Central St James constituency, in which he served as a councillor under Dr Herbert Eldemire, who served as Minister of Health from 1962 to 1972.”