Jamaican Tourism Minister, Edmund Bartlett, has stated that golf can provide massive opportunities to bolster the nation as it rebounds from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The global tourism market, where people take trips with the main purpose of playing the sport, is valued at over US$17 billion, according to the International Association of Golfing Tour Operators.

In addition, an estimated 56 million people play golf worldwide, of whom 26.7 million are in the United States alone, which is the leading market in terms of the sport contributing over US$60 billion to the nation’s economy.

The minister indicated that golf is part of the higher value offerings of the industry’s experience, adding that the sport can attract visitors to the island to boost the tourism industry and economy. He also noted that Jamaica was once a renowned golfing destination globally and is steadily being re-established.

“We want to recover back with golf; and so we welcome you, travel advisors, for golfing,” he said. “You have flown all the way from the different parts of the United States to be here to start that process of ensuring that recovery is happening.”

Mr Bartlett added: “We are very happy, in Jamaica, for the partnership we have had with you over the period and for the confidence that you continue to repose in us.”