Jamaican Consul Marks Five Years in Birmingham

Jamaican Consul Marks Five Years in Birmingham


One of 530 foreign representations in the UK, and one of 20 foreign representations in Birmingham, the Jamaican Consul marked five years of its existence in the city as a beacon for inquiries and questions regarding visa regulations and passport requirements for ex-pats from, and visitors to, the island.
With marked reference to the foundations laid by the now widely acknowledged ‘Windrush Generation’ in the country for further generations of Jamaican nationals settling in the head of of Commonwealth, the celebration for the landmark milestone took place, aptly, at the Pannel Croft retirement village – a place whose retirement-aged residence are that of Jamaican dissent.
Headed by Honorary Consul, Wade Lyn CBE, all was set fair for a night of appreciation for the work carried out – much of which voluntarily – by the Consul staff (which includes Consul Support Monica Coke ad volunteers George Gordon, Julie Cole, plus Colleen and Kenneth Laing).
“There are many who think that the office doesn’t exist,” said Wade, “so, we are getting more out there to let Jamaican people throughout Birmingham and the wider West Midlands know that we are here for them.
As much as this is a celebration of five years, it’s also a ‘statement of intent – by saying ‘we are here for you and your needs.’” “We now look forward to the next 5 years,” Monica (Coke) added.

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