Join the CTO Twitter Chat on Easter in the Caribbean

Join the CTO Twitter Chat on Easter in the Caribbean


Yachting, sailing and regattas are identical within the Caribbean, the continuous trade winds and the warm sun is a draw both for the experienced sailors and novices.

The Caribbean Sea offers the perfect playground for a host of water sports with gentle warm currents and trade winds making the islands ideal for yachting, sailing, regattas, power-boating, paddle-boarding and kayaking too!

Sailors and crews come for year-round racing regattas but many of our visitors are content to make an occasional sailing trip the most treasured memory of their holiday. It can be a romantic sunset cruise on a remodelled galleon or a day’s full sailing on a yacht, dropping anchor in an isolated bay, so that visitors can swim in crystal clear waters and enjoy a picnic lunch.

Whatever your choice, sailing the Caribbean is an extraordinary adventure of a lifetime.

And around these events, there are numerous on-land activities to enjoy too.

Join the Caribbean Tourism Organization Twitter Chat on Tuesday 26 March from 3pm – 4pm GMT, where we will highlight the yachting, sailing and regattas events and activities in the Caribbean region.

Join the conversation on Twitter by using the hashtag #LoveCaribbean .


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