Barely touched and retaining a purity unlike anywhere else, Antarctica is home to ice-bergs, glacial islands and an abundance of wildlife blissful in their complete isolation. Aurora Expeditions and their voyages to Antarctica opens the door to a frozen wilderness; an ethereal backdrop to a voyage packed with once in a lifetime adventures.

For those with experience, the expedition offers kayaking excursions around the misshapen ice floes and formidable icebergs of this remote corner of the world. Few kayakers have braved the water of the Southern Ocean, but the opportunity to see the ice formations and the marine life of the white continent makes this innovative experience both mysterious and inspiring. On the Spirit of Antarctica expedition, experienced climbers can don crampons and axes and hike their way across unfrequented territory.

Brand new for 2015/16, Aurora Expeditions now offer the most innovative and stimulating sea experience; polar snorkelling. While above water the ice shades range from deep grey to pastel blues, below the surface snorkelers can immerse themselves in an ethereal haven of hot pink fish, corals in rainbow shades, giant sea stars, nudibranchs alongside penguins diving into a cloud of sparkling bubbles. Never before has an experience such as this been offered to holiday makers in Antarctica.

Snorkelers are supplied with state of the art dry suits, gloves, hoods and a tiny in-built fan that keeps the body warm.

But if the dry suit isn't for you, Aurora Expeditions offers a skin to water experience for the most audacious of explorers. Literally jumping ship, the Polar Plunger entails a ship to sea plummet for bikini or swimming trunk clad passengers; rather like walking the plank! Expedition staff in Zodiacs are on hand to pull brave expeditioners out of the water immediately allowing the hardy few the chance to experience a dip in glacial water-first hand.

On board, frosted plungers can thaw themselves in the sauna and then retreat to their fresh white linens and soft pillows after a long day of polar activities. As passengers quickly learn, there is plenty of time to sleep when back on terra firma and whilst exploring the ice continent with Aurora, guests are encouraged to make the most of every opportunity. Complimentary ice camping is available on several expedition routes. Sans tent and with thermal camping equipment provided, campers can experience being at one with nature and sleeping under the mesmerizing night sky.

Imagine waking up to the nudging nose of an inquisitive seal pup or the gaze of a curious group of penguins. Polar camping with Aurora expeditions allows passengers to connect with an isolated environment in the most inspiring way.

The action packed Spirit of Antarctica voyage departs November 2015 and 2015 offering kayaking, climbing and camping options. Prices start from US$10,290 per person, twin share cabin on a 12 day voyage.