Admire front row views of the spectacular sky at altitude from the comfort of a warm bedroom with glass walls. This latest sensory thrill in Cortina d'Ampezzo is the creation of Raniero Campigotto, manager of the  Rifugio Col Gallina, who turned the Starlight Room Dolomites from dream to reality.

Located in Col Gallina, only a few kilometers from the centre of Cortina, the Starlight Room offers a unique opportunity to experience the night sky far away from any source of light pollution. Just you and the sky…..  At sunset the famous 'enrosadira' sets the Dolomites ablaze with fiery shades of red.  During night time the multitude of stars across the sky appear so close you can almost reach out and touch them…. And finally at dawn, see the Dolomites blushing pink as they are kissed by the first rays of the rising sun.

At an altitude of 2,055m in the magical Dolomite mountains, a bedroom that brings you the stars…..

With only glass walls to separate your warm bed from the snow of the Pale Mountains you can admire the nocturnal spectacle of the Dolomite sky from front row seats, thanks to the brand new Starlight Room, in Col Gallina, Cortina.

A total immersion in UNESCO World Natural Heritage Nature and an unforgettable night to share with someone special, or alone.