A brand new 3D multimedia extravaganza is landing in Lisbon to accompany the warm summer evenings. The city's stories, places and its people are coming together in 'Faces of Lisbon', an entertaining sound and light show that will be projected onto the façade of Arco da Rua Augusta from 5th to 14th August. Free of charge, 'Faces of Lisbon' will reveal key stories, places and moments in the history of the Portuguese capital through the faces of the city's most symbolic characters, including a fisherwoman, a master pavement maker and a knife sharpener.

Visitors will start their journey in the Atlantic Ocean, following a shoal of fish that will swirl into the fisherwoman's basket. As she sells her wares at the square, the knife sharpener walks down the colourful streets on his old bicycle while the master pavement maker builds today's cobblestones, one of Lisbon's distinguishing features. The construction of the 25 de April Bridge, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, will be also shown during the fascinating 15-minute show.

The interlinked stories will be accompanied by a medley of music, light and sound that will wow visitors at Lisbon's Praça do Comércio, one of the city's landmarks. 'Faces of Lisbon' will be displayed three times a day (9.45pm, 10.30pm and 11.15pm).