Local charity receives grant to support vulnerable people in building a better...

Local charity receives grant to support vulnerable people in building a better life


MAXIMUS UK announced today that its philanthropic Foundation presented Just Straight Talk with a grant of £2,500 to remove the barriers vulnerable people face so that they can focus on building a better life.

Established in 2012, Just Straight Talk is a community project committed to empowering, supporting and mentoring vulnerable people in turning their lives around. Whether through emotional support for a range of needs and barriers to navigating through complex situations, they help vulnerable people in the community to take charge of their lives by building their confidence and providing the practical tools, help and motivation they need to succeed.

Kate Beale, Managing Director for the charity, received the donation from Kirsten Ross, representative for the MAXIMUS Foundation UK, and Kevin Westwood from MAXIMUS who nominated the charity for the grant. The grant will contribute towards removing the day-to-day barriers vulnerable people face, so that they can focus on building the life they’ve always wanted.

Rob Winter, Chairman, MAXIMUS Foundation UK said:

“We’re incredibly proud to be supporting Just Straight Talk. Uplifting, equipping and empowering people to transform their lives is the foundation on which MAXIMUS UK is built. We understand exactly how valuable Just Straight Talk is for vulnerable people in the local community, and we are delighted to be contributing to the inspiring work they do.”

Kate Beale, Managing Director at Just Straight Talk said:

“We are incredibly grateful to MAXIMUS Foundation UK for this very generous grant. Every penny will go towards supporting the hundreds of people we work with. Whether that means ensuring there is enough food in the cupboard, helping someone pay their rent arrears or purchasing something to improve the quality of life for someone with a medical condition. Everything we do will help our service users move forward, reach their goals and build a better life.”

As the philanthropic arm of MAXIMUS UK, the Foundation was established in 2015 with a remit of providing meaningful financial assistance in the form of grants to local charities and non-profit organisations that support disadvantaged groups – particularly those contributing to personal growth and self-sufficiency in areas of health, employment and community development.

The MAXIMUS Foundation UK has donated almost £200,000 in grants to charities and community groups over the last three years. They continue to encourage MAXIMUS UK employees to nominate charities and causes close to their hearts for grant donations.

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