Couples in the Midlands might want to rethink the elaborate dove releases and choreographed first dances as the region has been named on the list of the most cringiest weddings of all time. carried out a survey to celebrate the removal of wedding restrictions across the UK.

The study found that when it comes to cringe wedding moments, couples in the Midlands were amongst the worst offenders. 

The top 5 locations guilty of a wedding cringe-fest are:

·         Birmingham

·         Liverpool

·         York

·         Manchester 

·         Devon

The study also revealed our true thoughts and feelings when it comes to the UK’s wedding traditions including the best man’s speech, the bride's dress, wedding drinking etiquette and whether we even enjoy going to weddings at all!  According to the data, a whopping 91% % of best men were “extremely” stressed about their speeches compared to just 42% feeling nervous about planning the stag do. It seems there’s some definite pressure for speeches to be funny and entertaining as the majority (88%) of people in the Midlands prefer the best man's speech to be funny over sentimental.

Although, not all jokes are a crowd pleaser as 2 in 5 best men didn’t get any laughs at all…awkward!

The research found:

·         72% of wedding guests have witnessed an inappropriate speech

·         Over half (56%) of respondents think it’s okay to be mean to the bride during the speeches

·         Just a third (32%) think mother-in-law jokes are off limits in the best man’s speech

·         60% think it’s fine to mention the groom’s ex during the speech

·         18% of newlyweds have had an argument on their big day because of speeches

·         Over a quarter of grooms (28%) have fallen out with their best man over his speech 

As for the wedding itself, it seems we do appreciate weddings more as we grow older. The research shows that only 33% of 18-24 year olds actually enjoy weddings compared to 87% of those over 65. No judgement is off limits at a wedding as over half (52%) admitted that they didn’t like the bride's dress, and 72% didn’t like how the bridesmaids looked! A shameful 78% of us admit to drinking too much at a wedding, with over a quarter (27%) having their first celebratory drink of the day pre 12pm. 

When it comes to embarrassing moments at weddings, our collective embarrassment threshold is pretty low, with 85% of people claiming they’ve cringed at least once during a wedding. When asked to describe their “cringiest moment” the top five things that caused toe curling and wincing were:

·         Terrible, tone deaf speeches (38%)

·         Witnessing embarrassing “dad dancing” (25%)

·         An extremely awkward first dance (21%)

·         Drunken bride and / or groom (16%)

·         Bragging about the cost of the wedding (10%)

 In light of the finding around awkward and cringey speeches, has created a  joke generator  to help nervous best men to navigate the minefield of wedding speech writing.

 “The creators said: “Best men are often the forgotten heroes of weddings, with pressure piled on to pull a hilarious speech out of the bag despite their lack of any previous speech-giving experience. We created the joke generator to help these unwitting soles to get some giggles, without the risk of any embarrassing tumbleweed moments.”