Soho Road Business Improvement District (BID) has just elected leading local businessman Rav Singh to be its new Vice Chairman. He is part of a well-established family business called C&S Homestore he has been involved for many years with representing the interests of local firms via the Handsworth Trader Association where he was formerly Chairman before it merged with the BID. He supports Chairman Dipak Patel on the Board which directs the work of the BID in improving the local area for businesses, shoppers and residents alike and raising the profile of this historic district that can trace its involvement with the Industrial Revolution.

Formed in April 2014, Soho Road BID is one of ten such legally constituted organisations currently operating in Birmingham that are led by local business representatives for the purpose of supporting businesses falling within designated areas in, inter alia, the economic improvement of those areas. Covering part of the busy A41 in North West Birmingham, well over 500 businesses fall within the vibrant and ethnically diverse BID area that includes Soho Hill, Soho Road, and Holyhead Road. Operationally, the BID is managed on a day-to-day basis by Senior Management Director Craig Buckby, with support of Dipak Shelat, Business Development Director.

Chairman Dipak Patel warmly welcomed the new appointment and commented,” I express my most hearty appreciation for the excellent contribution made by previous Vice Chairman Ms. Jo Kinsella of South & City College, and I look forward very much to continuing the good work of the BID with Rav as my deputy.”