Paloma Blanca conveys a message of hope and love with her new novel, which follows a family’s struggles while the wheel of “Karma” goes on. It shows how people are affected by loss, by sudden change and the things they must do as they themselves experience transitions, all while having only each other as anchors for turbulent times.

Heartfelt and heartbreaking, Blanca’s story shows how, even in the midst of losing so much, the worst is yet to come. The narrative follows siblings who receive a letter that will change their lives forever, beginning a painful process that will show them that life is short and no matter how they look at it, it is not the people that die that suffer, no matter how quick they go but the people they leave behind. Despite the anguish, the story also shows that not everything that happens in life is bad, that past events can still affect people’s futures since time does not always heal all wounds.  

“This book is about family and love. When everything you know gets ripped away from you, how do you survive and carry on if you do. Also wanted there to be a light at the end of such a dark tunnel of a life I was living, so in a way...this book is my hope.” Blanca says.