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We caught up with Klaymore, a band from Pittsburgh in the US who are developing a cult following.

  • What inspired the name of the band, and your musical style?
First of all, I just wanted to say that I'm a huge Morrowind fan, so being interviewed by you, Vivek, is an immense honor. I also wanted to take a second to do my monthly reminder to everyone that Skyrim exists and you can buy it still. Anyway, now that that's out of the way, we wanted a name that sounded really power metal. I don't think any of us even listened to power metal at the time. We didn't play any power metal either. We still don't really play power metal, so your guess as to why we named it Klaymore is as good as mine. Our musical style evolved in a weird way. It was definitely all over the place at first. Early Klaymore shows could have us playing a Wolfmother cover right after playing "Warrior" by Helloween. Nowadays we pull influence from all different places: thrash metal, blackened thrash metal, thrashened black metal, thrackened brash metal, GMCFOSHO's YouTube channel, and that vine where the guy is losing his shit over how good Popeye's biscuits are. And Yo-Yo Ma.
  • What influences you when writing lyrics?
Real life and video games are where they usually stem from. I think our page on the esteemed and HIGHLY revered Metal Archives says they're all based on "emotions and legends," so we'll try not to dispute the experts here. Recently, after adapting the "Queen Bitch of the Universe" persona that you can see on my shirt, the lyrics I've been working on have mostly revolved around being a non-binary space alien from Hell.

TL;DR David Bowie's makeup

  • Has there been any change in how you handle writing and recording now compared to say a few years ago?
Definitely. We've embraced a lot more aspects of modern production and aren't afraid to try out new engineering techniques that we haven't used before. For our first four CDs we always only recorded a live amp for guitars and things like that, but now we're trying out amp sims, re amping, and that kind of stuff to try to make any new material sound lightyears beyond what we've recorded before. As for wiritng, we're constantly listening to new things and tweaking how things are done, so the music we're writing keeps evolving, which is great but also slows down the release process. By the time we write six songs, the last two sound so different stylistically from the first two that we don't like the first two any more and it all starts over. Hopefully we'll start being less picky soon, but I think this outlook is only going to make the album better overall.

TL;DR Yes it's different because we're actually writing and recording now.

  • Do you have any plans to record new music in the near future?
Yes, in addition to compiling demos for our third album, we're also set to release an anniversary edition of our second album, "It's Alive," to celebrate its release five years ago. That should be out in September 2017 and will have four tracks rerecorded with our current line up. We also are constantly putting out covers of video game music that we upload to our other YouTube channel, "Halberd." We've done material from games like Mega Man X, Kirby Superstar, Pokemon, etc. As for our third full-length album that I mentioned, Dan and I have been putting together demos over the last year and we'll hopefully be putting out a single by the end of 2017 (fingers crossed).

TL;DR I don't think we'll be recording near Future because he's a pretty busy rapper and I don't think he's anywhere close to Pennsylvania.

  • Do you have a different sound when performing live, compared to when playing in the studio?
Overall, yes, just because we do a lot of guitar overdubs and harmonies and things in the studio that you can't recreate live without like three or four people playing it. I don't think it's a bad thing though unless there really is someone out there who thought we would drag along three more of our friends on stage just to make noise for a couple seconds per song like we're Slipknot or something. For me, there are definitely differences vocally between live and studio. After singing songs for a few years I'll start to sing the melodies slightly differently or I'll sing the backing vocal harmony as the main melody at times. I've also recently been adding in some harsh vocals which currently I've never done on a studio Klaymore track.

TL;DR Yes, we're usually much louder live.

  • Finally, any plans to tour the UK?
Ha. No, not quite yet. We've played around the states surrounding us here in Pennsylvania and have made it up to Canada a few times, but we don't have any overseas trips planned in the forseeable future. Probably for the best right now though because I don't think they'd let us back into the US since if I went to Scotland there's no way I wouldn't try bringing back a claymore this time. TL;DR Someone please legally mail me a claymore.

Rudell the Jewellers scooped the headline ‘Independent Retailer of the Year’ honour at the inaugural Wolverhampton Independent Retail Excellence (WIRE) Awards.

Businesses from across the city attended the sell-out ceremony at Molineux Stadium’s WV1 Suite, which played host to around 300 guests.

Eleven other awards were handed out, after 24 businesses were shortlisted from 140 that made 359 entries across all categories.

The awards were led by Wolverhampton Business Improvement District (BID) in partnership with the city council, and supported charity, Promise Dreams, on the night.

Glenn Jenkinson-Deakin, sales manager for Rudell the Jewellers in Darlington Street, said: “It feels wonderful for Rudell to be recognised as the top independent retailer in Wolverhampton.

“The Rudell family founded the business in 1938 and this award is testament to the quality we deliver to the people of Wolverhampton.

“We feel the WIRE Awards experience has brought the people and businesses of Wolverhampton together and improved the camaraderie in the city.”

City of Wolverhampton Council Leader, Councillor Roger Lawrence, added: “The inaugural WIRE awards have been an outstanding success and will become an annual event in the calendar.

“We received more than 350 entries from 140 businesses across the 12 categories and the judges were overwhelmed by the number and the standard of entries received, especially as these awards are completely new to our city.

“It highlights the amazing diversity and quality of retail business in the area and how important it is that we celebrate and reward their success.

“I would like to congratulate all the winners for beating off some very stiff competition.”

John Henn, Chair of Wolverhampton BID, added: “The WIRE Awards night was a fantastic celebration of our city’s independent retailers.

“We saw an incredible range of strong applications, our sponsors whittled them down to finalists and it was tough to decide on the winners of each of the awards.

“Every business had an amazing story to tell about the hard work and dedication it has taken to make their business a reality and they all had a strong vision for their future.

“The celebrations gave us such a sense of pride in the businesses that give our city its identity.

“There is a real sense of pride returning to the city and we are very happy to continue supporting our city’s entrepreneurs.”

The aim of the awards is to celebrate and praise the entrepreneurial spirit, dedication and hard work of those involved in running and managing a successful independent business, as well as to recognise the loyalty and dedication of the staff that work in this sector.

The headline sponsor was the Mander Centre, Drinks Reception Sponsor was Wolverhampton Racecourse, Book of the Night sponsor was Meercat Associates, and the Venue Sponsor was Corporate Wolves and Venue Catering Partner.

The other winners and award sponsors were:

  1. Excellence in Customer Service – Party Angels, Cannock Road, sponsored by NCP
  2. Retail Personality of the Year – Yasmine Abdelaal, Nutmeg, Farmers Fold, sponsored by Ramada Park Hall Hotel
  3. Excellence in Staff Development – Rudell the Jewellers, Darlington Street, sponsored by Black Country Chamber of Commerce
  4. Apprentice or Trainee of the Year – Sarah Dean, ROOT 66 Hair Care, Hall Street, Bilston, sponsored by City of Wolverhampton Council
  5. Best Dressed Shop – Room by Room, Merridale Road, sponsored by Yarrington
  6. Hospitality & Leisure Business of the Year – A Park View Hotel, Park Road, sponsored by City of Wolverhampton College
  7. Community Retailer of the Year – Wild Bytes Café & Lounge, Darlington Street, sponsored by BCRS Business Loans
  8. Most Improved Business of the Year – Domino Crafts, Cleveland Street, sponsored by Wolverhampton Partners in Progress
  9. New Business of the Year – Slater’s Bar, Queen Street, sponsored by Wolverhampton BID
  10. Employee of the Year – Rupinder Kaur Singh, Blooms Menswear, Darlington Street, sponsored by Signal 107
  11. Our Favourite Retailer of the Year (voted by the public) – Batteries Not Included, Wulfrun Centre, sponsored by Express & Star

Children in Wolverhampton can get more active this summer by joining their favourite Disney characters and enjoying a 10 Minute Shake Up.

Change4Life has launched its annual 10 Minute Shake Up campaign in partnership with Disney and Sport England to encourage youngsters to enjoy short, regular bouts of physical activity.

This year’s campaign comes as latest figures show that the number of children meeting the recommended amount of physical activity of 60 minutes a day drops by 40% as they move through primary school.

Currently, just 21% of boys and 16% of girls in the West Midlands meet the national recommended level of activity, while 23.3% of pupils start primary school overweight or obese, rising to more than a third by the time they leave.

The 10 Minute Shake Ups offer fun, 10 minute activities for children and young people and feature Disney characters as inspiration. The activities, designed to be done in small or large groups of friends, help children to get more of the 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity they need each day for healthy development and to maintain a healthy weight.

Councillor Paul Sweet, the City of Wolverhampton Council’s Cabinet Member for Public Health and Wellbeing, said: “The 10 Minute Shake Up is a great way for children, young people and their parents to enjoy regular, short bursts of physical activity in the company of some of their favourite Disney characters and shows.

“I’d encourage families to sign up to this year’s campaign and get active this summer.”

This year’s 10 Minute Shake Ups feature characters from Disney Pixar’s latest animation Cars 3, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Moana, Frozen Fever, and Zootropolis, as well as the stars of The Lodge. The campaign is focused on exploring new skills and navigating through six Disney worlds.

Worksheets styled as passports and suitcases have been distributed to local primary schools, and when pupils return to school in September, more activities will be released to encourage them to carry on being active both in and outside the classroom.

For more information and to take part, please visit

Marianthi O’Dwyer, Vice President and Head of Disney Healthy Living UK, said: “We know Disney stories and characters can help inspire children and families to be more active by making it simple and fun. We are excited to continue working together with Change4Life on the 10 Minute Shake Up programme to encourage children to be more active.”

Mike Diaper, Sport England’s Executive Director of Children and Young People, added: “We know that parents can find getting their kids to be active a challenge. That’s why we’re proud to be supporting the Change4Life 10 Minute Shake Ups with Disney, which uses storytelling to create a fun, and imaginative way for children and their parents to get moving, perfectly timed for the summer holidays.”

A recent survey from Public Health England and Disney looking at the effects of physical activity on children’s emotional wellbeing, found that being active made 71% of five to 11-year-olds in the West Midlands feel happier, while 57% were more confident and 67% more sociable, according to their parents. Importantly, 93% of children said they liked being active.

Five time Grammy & Emmy nominated US comedian Margaret Cho has much to celebrate as she was recently named one of Rolling Stone magazine’s 50 Best Stand-Up Comics of All Time and is set to launch what is sure to be her sickest stand-up comedy show to date this autumn. The UK tour takes in 7 dates and starts on 25th November at Edinburgh’s Queens Hall and culminates at London’s o2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire on 10th December.

A pioneer amongst women in comedy, Margaret doesn’t take anything for granted as she continues to tackle difficult subjects with sensitivity and her razor sharp insight with her takes on addiction, abuse, activism and Asian-ness. It's all about the politics of disgust and what is disgusting about politics.

Aptly titled, “Fresh Off The Bloat,” Margaret says, “This is my sickest show to date.  My grandmother said "You look like bloated as if you've been found dead in a lake after several days of searching." Koreans are the most savage of all the Asians. My new show is all about being fresh off drugs and drinking and suicide and coming back to life - finally fished out of the river Styx. It's meta. It's magical. It's me.”

Margaret’s new TV project, ‘Highland’, has been picked up for pilot by TNT Network.  The show will chronicle what happens when two extended, dysfunctional Korean-American families who share the same patriarch must come together after tragedy strikes. As it turns out, the most reliable person in both families is the one who just got out of rehab.

Soon after starting her Stand Up career, Margaret won a comedy contest where first prize was opening for Jerry Seinfeld. She moved from her home in San Francisco to Los Angeles in the early ’90s and, still in her early twenties, hit the college circuit, where she immediately became the most booked act in the market. She performed over 300 concerts within two years. Arsenio Hall introduced her to late night audiences, Bob Hope put her on a prime time special and, seemingly overnight, Margaret Cho became a national celebrity. Since then she has had multiple world-wide critically acclaimed sold out tours – including a US tour with Cyndi Lauper, Debbie Harry and Erasure, along with indie faves The Dresden Dolls, to host the True Colors Tour, benefiting the Human Rights Campaign.

Margaret has starred in the comedy/drama series ‘Drop Dead Diva’, which aired for six seasons on the Lifetime network. Never one to shy away from a challenge, she performed on Season 11 of the highly rated US TV show ‘Dancing with the Stars’. Margaret’s creative side moved ahead at full speed with an Emmy nomination for “Best Guest Performance” on Thirty Rock. After the devastating death of her mentor, Robin Williams, using the hashtag #BeRobin Margaret began setting up shop in different places around San Francisco in an effort to raise money for the Homeless community.

In what is a fitting tribute, Margaret is a special co-host of E!’s Fashion Police, covering the biggest award shows since 2016. This has a unique significance, as Joan Rivers was not only a friend, but also a vocal supporter of Margaret. “Although I am not quite a fashionista, I would love to look at it like I am changing it up – Fashion Police: Special Victims Unit. It makes me happiest to spend time with Melissa (Rivers), and when I see her laugh at my jokes, I feel like Joan is smiling.”

With so much success in her artistic life, Margaret has never turned away from the causes that are important to her. She is incredibly active in anti-racism, anti-bullying, advocating for the homeless and gay rights campaigns, and has been recognized for her unwavering dedication from multiple organisations across the USA notably from LA Pride, who gave Margaret a Lifetime Achievement Award for leaving a lasting imprint on the LGBT community.

Christmas is a magical occasion; and with the festive season upon us, there is no better place for celebrations to commence than at Dewsall Court's annual Furs, Fire and Ice party. On Thursday 7th December, the estate will open its doors for a smorgasbord of experiential delights and live entertainment. Christmas is a magical occasion; and with the festive season upon us, there is no better place for celebrations to commence than at Dewsall Court's annual Furs, Fire and Ice party. On Thursday 7th December, the estate will open its doors for a smorgasbord of experiential delights and live entertainment.

Hidden in the Herefordshire countryside, the grade II listed property is treated to stunning views of the Black Mountains and Golden Valley. On arrival to the country manor, fire torches will light up the pathway leading guests to the Wainhouse Barn where exposed beams, wintery table settings, and the show stopping 'crown fire pit sets the perfect atmosphere for the evening ahead.

The rustic yet stylish decor of the Wainhouse Barn gives guests the perfect opportunity to celebrate Christmas in style. Whilst sipping on lavish cocktails, conjured by local family owned Chase distillery, guests will be treated to a selection of seasonally inspired canapés. Dewsall Courts in-house chef, Jonny Evans, will then serve up an indulgent three course meal.

The party then begins as the dance floor lights up for guests to enjoy the evening entertainment. Party goers are asked to bring their festive spirit and sparkle for the occasion.

For those wanting to experience Furs, Fire and Ice alongside a large number of friends, family or colleagues: Dewsall Court is excited to announce that they are able to arrange for guests to hold their own 'Furs Fire and Ice party' in the week leading up to the main event. Groups can also book Dewsall Court as an exclusive use celebration house over the Christmas period.

In only their second time that ever entered the competition, India, after demolishing Australia by 36 runs in the semi-final, are preparing for the grand final where they will meet hosts England in tomorrow’s ICC Women’s World Cup final at Lord's.

The 'Women In Blue' lost to Australia in the final of the 2005 edition so, they are looking for redemption when they face the might of an England team who have grown in stature, in the competition, from its start.

In the match against the Australians, Indian vice-captain Harmanpreet Kaur smashed her way to a career-best magical 171 off 115 balls, leaving the Australian bowlers in a daze as India put up an imposing 281 for 4 after rain reduced the match to 42-overs a side. It was their highest ever total against the Southern Stars and proved to be match-winning even as Alex Blackwell's power-packed 90 took them to 245 in 40.1 overs.

The hostesses booked their place in the final after beating South Africa by three wickets in a thrilling semi-final at Bristol. The win putting them on the verge of their first major trophy in eight years after chasing 219 to win, after a good start, the side got past the finishing line with a crucial unbeaten 27-run knock.

England has now won seven games in a row - including two against South Africa.

The High Field Restaurant and Gastro Pub in Edgbaston, Birmingham played host to a night of fundraising led by the legendary singer Belinda Carlisle who performed an acoustic set of 7 songs to an audience from all over the country.

The evening itself raised thousands of pounds for two charities that are close to Belinda’s heart. The first charity – “Animal People Alliance” was started as an income generation project of Her Future Coalition (Formerly Made By Survivors) in 2014, in partnership with Singer, Belinda Carlisle.

The mission of this new project is to provide high quality care to street animals in need in India while also providing high quality employment to survivors of human rights abuses and other vulnerable populations.

The second charity “her future coalition” aims to provide shelter, education, and high-wage employment to survivors of human trafficking and extreme abuse so that they may remain forever free.

There was not a dry eye at the venue when the story of ‘Priyanka’ was told – a girl sold at the age of 14 to a brothel who was subjected to extreme abuse. Her bravery led to her escaping taking several other young girls with her and reporting the brothel to the police who then rescued the remaining girls.

‘Her Future Coalition’ stepped in and provided education and training which led Priyanka to become a jewellery designer her products of which were on sale that night and helped raise money for vulnerable girls.

The evening was magical as visitors dug deep in their products to bid in auctions from personal training sessions to a health retreat. Raffles and prizes to be won meant that these two charities were able to raise awareness as well as money.

The night culminated in a magical set by Belinda Carlisle who performed some of her biggest hits including ‘Circle In The Sand’ and the iconic ‘Heaven Is A Place On Earth’ amongst many others.

The celebrated blues-rock guitarist and singer-songwriter, Joe Bonamassa, has announced that he will return to the UK in March 2018, including a date at Birmingham’s Genting Arena.

The forthcoming UK tour follows hot on the heels of Joe’s critically acclaimed studio album Blues of Desperation which reached #3 in the Official UK Album Chart, followed last month by the release of his live acoustic album “Joe Bonamassa: Live at Carnegie Hall.”

The March 2018 UK tour will feature Joe alongside a hand-picked group of world-class musicians playing material from Blues of Desperation, plus classic Bonamassa fan favourites.

Birmingham Hippodrome has proudly announced that Beverley Knight (in her pantomime debut), Danny Mac, Matt Slack, Suzanne Shaw, The Grumbleweeds, Ceri Dupree and Phil Randall will star in this year’s production of Cinderella, the Fairy Godmother of all pantomimes!

Revealing this year’s casting, Producer and Director Michael Harrison said: “This year’s fantastic line-up will ensure another smash-hit pantomime for Birmingham Hippodrome in 2017/18. With so many stars across the worlds of music, theatre, dance and comedy I’m delighted we’ve assembled such a stellar cast for Birmingham’s ultimate pantomime. Once again there’ll be plenty of laughs, surprises and audience participation to look forward to, so audiences should book their tickets to the ball today.”

Fiona Allan, Artistic Director and Chief Executive of Birmingham Hippodrome said: ‘We are hugely excited to play host to Beverley Knight in her pantomime debut this festive season. Pantomime is incredibly important to us at Birmingham Hippodrome and we’re extremely proud of our longstanding relationship with Qdos, who continue to entertain and delight audiences from across the region year on year with their unique mixture of storytelling, lavish special effects and hilarious comedy. This year’s line-up promises something for everyone, and with the clock already ticking, it’s never too early to start planning in some Christmas fun.’

Soul diva and Midlands-born Beverley Knight will take up her first pantomime role as The Fairy Godmother. The much-loved recording artist, radio presenter and musical theatre actress has been a mainstay of the UK music industry for over 20 years having released eight studio albums and stormed worldwide charts with hits including Get Up!, Shoulda Woulda Coulda, Gold and Come as You Are.

Joining her in the role of Prince Charming is celebrated Strictly Come Dancing finalist Danny Mac. Last year Danny appeared as a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing coupled with Oti Mabuse. The pair reached the finals wowing viewers and panel, and Danny remains the highest ranking male contestant in the show’s long history. Danny recently starred as Gabey in On the Town in the Open Air Theatre, Regent’s Park.

Returning for his fifth consecutive pantomime appearance, Birmingham’s favourite funny man Matt Slack plays Buttons after winning rave reviews and legions of fans following last year’s performance as Idle Jack in Dick Whittington. Matt will ensure Cinderella goes to the Royal Ball in a performance that will feature his trademark physical comedy, off-the-cuff jokes and hilarious local references.

In the title role of Cinderella will be pop and television star Suzanne Shaw, who rose to fame via the popular ITV talent search Popstars and the record-breaking music group Hear’Say. She has appeared in various leading stage roles and pantomimes, and starred as Eve Jenson in ITV’s Emmerdale. In 2008 she won the third series of ITV’s popular skating show Dancing on Ice and participated in the All Stars series in 2014.

Robin Colvill and James Brandon, better known as The Grumbleweeds, will appear as The Broker’s Men. Regulars on the UK comedy scene since the 1960s across radio, television, theatre, cabaret and pantomime the ‘guv’nors’ of live comedy will bring their inimitable style of family entertainment, musical comedy and laugh-out-loud routines to the production.

Completing the line-up will be Ceri Dupree and Phil Randall as the Ugly Sisters. For the first time Ceri and Phil will come together as the ultimate Ugly Sister pairing, bringing a wealth of panto experience and sensational costumes having impersonated the world’s biggest divas and entertaining thousands of theatregoers every Christmas.

Once again this year’s pantomime will be produced by Qdos Entertainment, the world’s biggest pantomime producer, with Michael Harrison as Producer and Director for the eighth consecutive year. Having recently brought his hugely successful productions of Funny Girl and The Bodyguard to Birmingham Hippodrome.

Audiences shall go to the ball this Christmas as Cinderella transforms from rags to riches, outwits her very Ugly Sisters, and with the help of her hilarious friend Buttons and one very magical Fairy Godmother, wins the heart of the dashing Prince Charming. Cinderella will feature all of the ingredients of the perfect Hippodrome pantomime: a fabulous cast and orchestra, laugh-out-loud comedy, stunning scenery and special effects, beautiful costumes and plenty of boos and hisses for all the family to enjoy.

The clock is ticking…book your tickets to the Ball today!

The sky was blue, the water looked crystal clear and the beach was rocking. Set against the most idyllic setting imaginable, The Venus Company's first ever Loving the Beach Music Festival on Saturday was an unprecedented success. Blackpool Sands was buzzing with families enjoying a first-rate day out.

The afternoon got off to a lively start when 'Mafia 4' took to the stage. Another local band 'Three Bags Full' followed, getting many to their feet dancing on the shingles in the wonderful afternoon heat. Then, whilst VIP ticket holders enjoyed a delicious three course meal in the café and families lined the beach on blankets and chairs, 'Saloon Star' started their first act. From gypsy jazz to blues, reggae, pop and rock, everyone was catered for. An irresistible combination, packed with old favourites, keeping the mood high and the beach swinging.

This ticket only event was made even more magical with the backdrop of a yacht race which added the final touch to this idyllic scene. With almost no wind, the line of boats sat gracefully on the horizon, creating a sense of tranquil and calm.

Michael Smith, co-owner of The Venus Company comments: “We were obviously nervous when we were planning our first ever music festival but we had a fantastic line up and a stunning location. We needn't have worried. The sun shone, the bands played and the crowds came. It was a resounding success and we are already thinking about a second festival next year.”

The whole event was very much a family affair with children entertained by Punch and Judy shows and artistic face painting by Lisa Wood and her colleague Rachel on site. Fun activities for all the family were also laid on by Beach Schools South West, Devon Wildlife Trust, The Samaritans and South Devon AONB. Many of these activities were based around an environmental theme with the aim to get all the festival goers thinking about how they could do their bit to look after our beaches and oceans. The RNLI were also present on the beach.

Of course, as the festival was hosted by The Venus Company there was plenty of great food and drink available from the takeaway and café. The Bays Brewery tent also proved very popular. Whilst a lucky few with VIP tickets enjoyed a fabulous three course meal of locally sourced produce with premium views from the VIP area.

Michael Smith comments: “We were so thrilled to see our plans come to fruition and to see so many people enjoying our new festival. Clearly we are not the only ones who think that Blackpool Sands is the perfect venue for a family music festival. We are delighted that our Loving the Beach Festival looks set to be a highlight of the summer season.”

This summer, At-Bristol Science Centre is running a series of out of the ordinary events and experiences to spark curiosity, with the first ever Festival of What If. Over the six week summer holiday period, the Festival will focus on three 'what if' themes celebrating what it is to be curious!

Inspired by questions from visitors, each fortnight of the summer will take a different theme, based on a question, and so every two weeks the spaces will come alive with new weird and wonderful activities to get people thinking and doing. The themes are 'What if we had to live on a different planet', 'What if nature took over' and 'What if I could see inside myself'.

There will be special events, extra Planetarium shows, evening talks and outdoor film screenings. There will also be the unique opportunity to take part in some of the schools workshops, as they are opened up to families for the very first time. Also, every Thursday night, At-Bristol's rooftop bar will be open for evening drinks before or after special evening events (Studio talks and Planetarium Nights) – with panoramic views of the city, it's a bit of a hidden gem!

With over 50 events and activities over the Festival period, there will be something for everyone, including (to name just a handful): driverless pods, designing a space house, LEGO robotics workshops, edible facemasks, visiting Vikings and drop-in Planetarium shows.

During the festival, At-Bristol will be looking and sounding a bit different too, with a fiesta weekend at the end of each fortnight, there will be a weekend celebration with live music and lots of additional activities. At-Bristol is also working with artists as they approach the three themes in different and intriguing ways. Whether it's helping to design a house on Mars or experiencing the poetry of plants, the Festival of What If is a chance to look at science from a fresh perspective.

The Killers have announced a major UK and Ireland tour for November 2017.  The tour will follow the release of the band’s upcoming fifth album, Wonderful Wonderful

Tickets for The Killers’ November shows, which begin in Birmingham on 6th November, go on sale at 9am on Friday, 14th July.

The Killers recently released the video for their dazzling new single, “The Man”, the first taster of the new album. The video was shot in and around Las Vegas and sees the band collaborate with the award-winning director Tim Mattia for the first time.

The new tour announcement also follows on from a spectacular, hit-laden surprise set at Glastonbury  which saw the band return to the festival for the first time since their 2007 Pyramid Stage headline show.

Wonderful Wonderful will be The Killers’ first album since 2012’s chart-topping Battle Born. Recorded with the producer Jacknife Lee during album sessions in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, the album is shaping up to be the band’s most sonically forward-thinking record yet; an LP bursting with all of the blazing choruses and arena-filling anthems that make The Killers one of the world’s biggest and most beloved rock bands.

Keith Richards has said music is a language that doesn't speak in particular words. It speaks in emotion, and if it's in the bones, it's in the bones. In light of the current music scene where music is created for commercial purposes chasing social media validation, Roach Killa and Blitz, two amazing artists with hit tracks on world charts, have come together to create music with a purpose - the YYZ Project. They are all set to launch a monologue and three music videos through Canada’s premier South Asian Urban music platform- desiFEST. This a FREE DOWNLOAD for fans and will be available via

YYZ is the airport code for Toronto's Pearson International Airport. The name pays homage to not only their Toronto roots but also symbolizes the fact they needed to travel internationally in order to build their careers.

There is  no big features, no industry politics, and no fake social media hype. It's simply the duo doing what they do best...having fun and delivering rap lyrics.

“Over the last few years, desiFEST has worked relentlessly to provide a unique platform for South Asian music aficionados in all major cities of Canada to showcase their talent. We are continuing this mandate by collaborating with artists on their projects and helping to bring new music to North America and the world” says Sathish Bala, CEO desiFEST MUSIC.

When Roach Killa released his debut album “The Revolution”, it peaked at No.6 on the iTunes World Charts. His first single Yaara Dildara reached No1 on the BBC Asian Network charts. Possessing immense versatility, Roach sings Hip Hop, Reggae, RNB and Punjabi Music. He firmly believes in the element of originality.

When it comes to Indian MC’s, one name that always stood above the rest is Blitzkrieg aka Blitz. With an appeal that is global, his lyrics lean more on the emotional side and completely draw people in. His tracks are inspired by people or events in his life that reflect reality and meaning of life.

Together, Roach Killa and Blitz are back again to give fans the YYZ Project with a monologue and three music videos that evoke, inspire and entertain. Fans will recognize their signature sound and style on what aims to become the summer anthems.

Eternal Taal female dhol players and bhangra dancers have broken all generic stereotypes by performing on a vast variety of stages. Since Eternal Taal established in 1999, it has grown from strength to strength, having performed at weddings, festivals, private corporate events and in three Bollywood films; the team is always looking for new platforms to promote Bhangra music.

In April 2017 the manager, Parv Kaur and two of her dhol players made their way to Halifax to film for the brand new hit Channel 4 drama, ‘Ackley Bridge’. The three dhol drummers spent just under 11 hours on the set, most of which was outside in the cold. During that time they socialised with the amazing cast including Adil Ray, Joanne Joyner and upcoming star Darcy Butt.

Eternal Taal team members spend time weekly rehearsing and perfecting routines. Manager Parv Kaur added, “Performing for Ackley Bridge was a unique experience, performing for the same scene a number of times to ensure all angles were captured by the camera - We’re so used to having one take on stage.”

Their iconic maroon and yellow uniform never goes unnoticed. With television appearances on Zee TV for Zee Companion, Sky Sports for the ‘ICC Championship Trophy’ and various BBC appearances; Channel 4 is now another to add to their list. If you missed them on your television screens, you can catch them on 4 On Demand (4OD).


Pulsating rhythms, skilled dancers and vibrant colours filled Arawak Cay in Nassau on Saturday 1st July with a choreography competition to open this year's Junkanoo Summer Festival (JSF).

The further 3 Saturdays of Junkanoo Summer fun in July take place on:

Saturday July 15th with a music competition

Saturday July 22nd with an overall competition

Saturday July 29th of JSF announces the winners and features a Bahamian Music Concert

Junkanoo Summer Festival, a signature event of the Ministry of Tourism and Aviation, attracts thousands of local and visitors who gather to watch the Junkanoo groups compete. The eleven groups were challenged to come up with their own theme relating to The Islands of The Bahamas.

Not to be outdone by the vibrant Junkanoo performances, the food and craft vendors also serve up some special delights of their own. The festival is an opportunity to shop, eat and drink in the local culture.

Daytime activities at Junkanoo Summer Festival include pineapple-eating, watermelon and roast corn eating competitions.

Junkanoo Summer Festivals takes a break on Saturday, July 8th for the celebrations around the 44th anniversary of Independence.

On Grand Bahama Island Goombay Summer is held every Thursday in July (7, 14, 21, 28)  – 6:00 p.m. to 12:00 midnight, experience the local culture to the sweet sounds of "Goombay", indulge in local delicacies, browse through the most authentic Bahamian arts and crafts, and dance to the beat of Junkanoo!

The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time, is a play based on the book by the same name written by Mark Haddon. The play, like the book is about a fifteen-year-old boy named Christopher Boone, who has Asperger’s Syndrome, who discovers that his neighbour’s dog has been murdered. In his quest to find out just who was responsible for the deed, Christopher and the audience embark on a journey that is at times, funny, heart wrenching and downright emotional and inspiring.

Scott Reid makes an excellent Christopher Boone, conveying the young man’s passion for maths and science with such passion that the audience could truly believe that he was Christopher and not just playing a role. As Christopher comes to learn more about what happened to his neighbour’s dog and the reasons behind it, Mr Reid showcases his ability to showcase a variety of emotions with various facial expressions that truly hooked me as a member of the audience into the play, and made me truly root for Christopher.

Mr Reid is ably supported by Lucianne McEvoy who plays Siobhan, Christopher’s teacher at school, David Michaels who plays Ed, Christopher’s father and Emma Beattie who plays Judy, Christopher’s mother. All three cast members bring with them an assortment of emotions and sheer hope for Christopher alongside their own hopes and wants inside the play, that in my mind really helps build up the play and expand the world that it is set in. Bringing to life characters who might otherwise have been overlooked and ensuring that they were given their due.

During the course of the two hours, the audience were treated to a variety of twists and turns that elicited laughs, cheers, gasps and in some cases tears. That the Curious Incident really hit home was shown by the standing ovation the cast members got just as the play was winding up. Never before have I seen such enthusiasm and joy from an audience before, and never before has it been so well deserved. The Curious Incident really took the audience on a roller coaster journey and did it in a way that made you feel as if you, yourself were Christopher, thus giving you an added incentive to see him succeed.

The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time, is a brilliant, thought provoking play, that brings with it a bundle of emotions that really make you as an audience member stop and think. It brings a chance for reflection and a chance to see a part of yourself reflected in young Christopher, and unlike other plays where such a thing might be seen as indulgent, here it really adds to the play. If you get the opportunity, go and see it at the Birmingham Hippodrome, the show runs until Saturday 8th July.