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Wolverhampton Grand Theatre has officially announced a new team of theatre ambassadors who will help the theatre in its mission to ensure the diversity of its audiences is reflective of that which makes up the city’s population.

The Grand Theatre is committed to being a theatre for all and since the introduction of South Asian ambassadors in 2018, there has been a South Asian audience increase of 20%.

Ahead of next year’s 40th Anniversary of Leee John of legendary British soul band Imagination, and best-selling live music recording artist, will be celebrating the launch of their 40th Anniversary Tour 2022 with a very special performance planned at the iconic Jamhouse, in Birmingham, as he reflects on a musical career that spans 4 decades.  

Leee will be emerging from the recording studio with the release of brand new music, first up with the explosive dance tune ‘It Feels So Good’, an amazing collaboration with legendary NYC DJ/producer/songwriter  Victor Simonelli - one of the early pioneers of the unique NYC underground dance music movement that has now become a phenomenon it its own right and religiously followed by the clubbing faithful the world over, co-produced with the production talents of Sam Mack and Kelly Mack.

The Darkness have released their brand new single ‘It’s Love, Jim’, the latest song to be taken from their forthcoming album Motorheart out November 19th via Cooking Vinyl.

‘It’s Love, Jim’ is an all-out, high intensity, rock and roll barrage reflecting the unimaginable effects of an intimate encounter of the alien kind.

Waste not this Christmas with zero-waste spirits brand, Discarded Spirits Co. The sustainable spirits company procures unwanted and rebuffed ingredients, reusing them creatively to develop three delicious, unique spirits – making the perfect gift for sustainably-minded friends and loved ones this festive season.

From Banana Peel Rum and Sweet Cascara Vermouth made from the husks of coffee cherries to Grape Skin Vodka made from the waste leftover from wine production, the collection of Discarded spirits gives a second life to waste ingredients whilst creating a new drinking experience that’s both premium and purposeful.