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Comedian Jack Whitehall is set to star as Disney’s first “openly-gay” character in Jungle Cruise, based on Disneyland’s theme park ride of the same name where “a small riverboat takes a group of travellers through a jungle filled with dangerous animals and reptiles, with a supernatural element.”

While no official character details have been revealed, a source told The Sun that Whitehall will be “playing a gay man” who is “hugely effete, very camp and very funny.”

Whitehall took to Instagram to express his excitement by saying he is “honoured to be a part of this epic adventure” and went to say “I am having the time of my life with my amazing co-stars.”

However, Omar Sharif Jr, an Egyptian-Canadian actor, model and gay activist, has condemned the decision to cast a straight actor as Disney’s first openly gay character and aimed a tweet directly at Disney – “Really Disney? Your first significant gay role will be played by a straight white man perpetuating stereotypes? Fail! This ship should sink.”

Now, while there has been some backlash against the decision, there has also been a lot of support from celebrities, politicians and the general public, with some of them defending the decision based on the fact that a role should go to the actor best suited for it. Openly gay Labour MP Wes Streeting took to Twitter to defend the decision;

“Shock as actor is asked to play someone different from themselves.” He said. “Isn’t that kind of the point? Wouldn’t always casting gay actors in gay roles be condemned for typecasting?”

No matter where your opinion falls on the issue, it has to be said that this is still a pretty big step forward for Hollywood. For a brand as huge as Disney – a franchise aimed almost exclusively at children and young people – to create and embrace an openly gay character, could potentially lead to other Hollywood heavy-hitters to create and cater more roles to the LGBTQ community. Will that be the case? Only time will tell…

Jungle Cruise will also star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Emily Blunt and is set to release in October, 2019.

The UK’s Communications Regulator, also known as Ofcom, recently published their 2018 Media Nations Report which breaks down the UK’s viewing and listening habits, and the ten most-streamed shows in the UK have been revealed and Netflix is still very much the dominant streaming platform in the UK;

  1. Friends (Netflix)
  2. The Grand Tour (Amazon)
  3. The Crown (Netflix)
  4. Stranger Things (Netflix)
  5. Peaky Blinders (Netflix)
  6. Black Mirror (Netflix)
  7. The Big Bang Theory (Netflix)
  8. Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Netflix)
  9. The Good Place (Netflix)
  10. Vikings (Amazon)
That’s right, folks! Iconic American sitcom Friends is the most-streamed show in the UK, despite ending way back in 2004. With old fans returning to re-watch it and falling in love with it all over again and younger audiences who perhaps weren’t even around in its original run discovering it for the very first time, Friends has once again become a cultural phenomenal, just like it was during its original run from 1994-2004.

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Amazon’s motoring series The Grand Tour which follows the escapades of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, stands strong in second place, despite a 7% decline in Prime viewership between the first and second seasons.

Netflix’s historical drama The Crown comes in at number three and Stranger Things, another Netflix Original series that took the world by storm when it started back in 2016, comes in at number four – showing that its popularity is not diminishing over time.

Birmingham-based drama Peaky Blinders comes in at number five, with Black Mirror, The Big Bang Theory, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Good Place and Vikings rounding off the list.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences have approved and confirmed some major changes to their annual Academy Awards, also known as The Oscars.

First of all, they are making moves to streamline their broadcast and shorten the televised version of the show to three hours. To achieve this, they plan on cutting out some “below the line” categories that bloat the broadcast by having them announced during the commercial breaks. While one can understand where they are coming from, it also seems like an unintentional insult to the nominees and eventual winners in those particular categories. For many of them, perhaps all of them, this is the biggest night of their lives and a piece of art they have painstakingly worked on is being honoured at the ceremony, so to push their category aside is to inadvertently disregard the hard work they have put in.

Another major change to the ceremony is the introduction of a brand-new award for Outstanding Achievement in Popular Film. Now, what this vague term essentially means is that big blockbusters that have been snubbed by The Academy for decades will now be eligible for an award. Big superhero movies like The Avengers, big action epics like Mission: Impossible and even horror movies – a genre notoriously disregarded by The Academy – will now see regular nominations.

Unfortunately for The Academy, some of these changes have been met with backlash from both the general public, film critics and filmmakers alike, with the Outstanding Achievement in Popular Film award in-particular being referred to as desperate pandering by The Academy, in an attempt to boost their ratings after the 90th Academy Awards saw a ratings drop of 19% when compared to the 89th Academy Awards, also marking the first time in a decade that the ceremony failed to lock-in over 30 million viewers. Many are frustrated that such a generic category has been fabricated while there is still a distinct absence of recognition for departments such as Stunt Work and Casting – two vital yet often overlooked elements within film.

No matter what you think of the award for Outstanding Achievement in Popular Film, at the very least it means that there will now be a lot more hardworking people getting recognition for the art they have created, resulting in a lot more joy being spread among the attendees on Oscar night, and joy is never a bad thing – is it?

“In the aftermath of CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR, Scott Lang grapples with the consequences of his choices as both a superhero and a father. As he struggles to rebalance his home life with his responsibilities as Ant-Man, he's confronted by Hope van Dyne and Dr Hank Pym with an urgent new mission and must once again put on the suit and learn to fight alongside The Wasp in order to take down the mysterious new villain, Ghost.”

Set two years after the events of CIVIL WAR, we find Scott Lang under house-arrest as part of a bargain plea with the US government – two years of house-arrest, followed by three years of probation, with no unauthorised use of his powers, and he will not be tried and convicted for breaching the Sokovia Accords. So, here he is, confined to his house, trying to make the best of a bad situation by spending some quality time with his young daughter. Now, I think it is pretty safe to say that Paul Rudd is one of the most beloved actors working today – he is effortlessly funny and endlessly charming and his down-to-earth ways have amassed a huge following. He’s a genuinely likeable guy, and he brings that likability to the role of Scott Lang and seeing him interact with his daughter in such a funny and authentic way immediately brings the audience back in to his story and makes you remember why you fell in love with him in the first place. The legendary Michael Douglas returns as the O.G himself, Dr Hank Pym. Now, any time a big, A-list acting legend like Douglas signs on for a blockbuster like this, it is very easy to make the assumption that they’re only in it for the money and, while that may very well be the case, it definitely doesn’t affect his performance. Douglas brings a believable vulnerability to Pym – a good man, who has made some terrible decisions throughout his life and is still paying for those decisions, all these years later – and it results in some genuinely touching moments, especially with his daughter Hope van Dyne, played by the exquisite Evangeline Lilly. In fact, an argument could be made that Lilly steals the show here as The Wasp, carrying herself with confidence and exuding badassery.  She kicks more butt in this movie than one could adequately describe and she is entirely believable while doing it. To those us who watched LOST all those years ago, Evangeline’s talent as an actress has always been as clear as day, with her uncanny ability to bring tenderness to such a hard character, audiences will really fall head over heels for Hope van Dyne in ANT-MAN AND THE WASP. She has a lot more to do in this sequel than in the original, and it will leave you desperate for more and I, for one, hope she becomes a staple character in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe going forward, because…well – I’m in love with Evangeline Lilly. Okay? So what? Leave me alone.

Peyton Reed returns for directing duties and he has made a significant progression as a filmmaker since making ANT-MAN back in 2015. He’s more confident in his abilities and there’s a certain flair here that felt absent in its predecessor, with eye-popping action sequences that are leagues above everything we saw in the original, with Ant-Man and The Wasp growing and shrinking at will while decimating hordes of bad guys in fast, frenetic fight scenes that never lose focus of the rapidly changing heroes, intercut with comedy that feels more consistent and assured than before, allowing Paul Rudd and company to really come in to their own, delivering quippy one-liners and goofy dialogue with amusing sincerity. Unfortunately, ANT-MAN AND THE WASP suffers from a few pacing issues that stop the film in its tracks on a number of occasions, and these pacing issues arise when the movie pauses in an attempt to explain all of the crazy quantum science-y stuff at play in the story because, at the end of the day, it’s a fictional science and doesn’t really help us understand what is going on any more or less. Now, the writers are self-aware enough to allude to the absurdity of it all, with Scott Lang pausing for a moment and asking “are you guys just putting the word ‘quantum’ in front of everything?” because that is exactly what it feels like and, even though the writers acknowledge it for comedic effect, it doesn’t make it any less detrimental to the flow of the film. This may not seem like a major issue, but for a film that gets everything else so right, it really prevents ANT-MAN AND THE WASP from breaking out of the mid-tier of Marvel adventures. It also has a pretty flat ending, which is saved by a tantalising mid-credits scene. In true Marvel fashion, there is also a post-credits scene, but I will warn you now – it is a scene that serves as nothing more than one final joke that almost feels like it’s poking fun at those of us who chose to stick around to see it. In fact, it is such a throwaway moment that it’s actually included in all of the trailers. I’m not kidding. If you’ve seen the trailers, you’ve already seen the post-credits scene. Boy, Marvel Studios really are getting a little cocky with all their success, aren’t they?

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ANT-MAN AND THE WASP is a lighter, much breezier entry in the ongoing Marvel canon and is the palate cleanser we so desperately needed after the hard-hitting AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR came along and broke our collective hearts all those months ago. It’s a hell of a lot of fun but it tangles itself up in excessive exposition in a desperate attempt to explain and clarify a fictional science and, in the end, it still just sounds like a bunch of scientific words strung together to form sentences that don’t really mean anything. Other than that, there is a hell of a lot to love about this movie and, aside from Marvel’s intergalactic escapades like GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY and THOR: RAGNAROK, both of which are wickedly funny and lovably goofy, there’s a strong chance ANT-MAN AND THE WASP may be the funniest earth-set movie in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe and, while it is hard to imagine it having any kind of lasting impact on the MCU as a whole, it is still a fun slice of creamy escapism to sink your teeth in to.

Hollywood legend, Robert Redford, has announced that his upcoming role in David Lowrey’s The Old Man and the Gun will be his last, as he plans to retire from acting to focus solely on directing.

Now, while this means Redford’s presence in Hollywood will still be strong for years to come, the announcement still brings an end to an iconic acting career that has spanned 78 projects across 58 years, touching generation after generation. Appearing in countless classics such as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Sting, All The President’s Men, The Great Gatsby and A Bridge Too Far, it is difficult to imagine a time when Redford hasn’t been in our lives. More recently, he has made a variety of intriguing choices, appearing in the epic superhero adventure Captain America: The Winter Soldier as the sinister Alexander Pierce, where he was given the opportunity to flex his villainous muscles; something he has rarely done throughout his career, while also appearing in the beautiful and heart-felt reimagining of the family favourite Pete’s Dragon; a film about a young orphan boy who befriends an adorable dragon after a heart-breaking tragedy leaves him alone in the woods. As well as appearing in big-budget blockbusters, Redford also dedicated time to much smaller, more intimate projects such as All Is Lost – a one-man show with minimal dialogue about a man lost alone at sea after his boat collides with a shipping container. All Is Lost is an under-appreciated gem and proof that, even in the twilight of his career, Redford was still prepared to challenge himself as an artist and push the boundaries of what audiences expected of him. Then, there is the wonderful Our Souls at Night, A Netflix Original Movie that tells the story of Louis Waters (Robert Redford) and Addie Moore (Jane Fonda), two aging widows who begin to form a connection in an attempt to make the most of the life they have left. It is a gorgeous, low-key Romantic-Drama featuring two acting giants exploring a story that Hollywood so often reserves for much younger performers.

Aside from his glowing acting career, Robert Redford also founded the Sundance Institute; a non-profit organization dedicated to the discovery, inspiration, support and development of independent filmmakers and theatre artists.  Redford truly has dedicated his life to the world of cinema, both professionally and personally, excelling in his own career while helping others find their voice so they can start building their own. While Redford will always remain a Hollywood juggernaut, his diminished presence will be a big loss for fans everywhere.

The screen will miss you, Mr. Redford.

Catch Robert Redford’s final performance on December 7th, 2018 in The Old Man and the Gun – based on the true story of Forrest Tucker and his audacious escape from San Quentin at the age of 70 to an unprecedented string of heists that confounded authorities and enchanted the public.

England and Tottenham Captain Harry Kane, who recently led our international football squad in a valiant effort at the 2018 World Cup, defying the odds and uniting a nation has welcomed a beautiful baby daughter in to the world, mere days before the new Premier League season gets underway.

Harry Kane took to Twitter to announce the news and shared a wonderful photograph of himself and his fiancée Kate Goodland with their beautiful baby daughter, Vivienne Jane Kane.

The 25-year-old striker captioned the photograph with "Our beautiful addition to the family! Vivienne Jane Kane. I’m so proud of Kate Goodland for having the most amazing water birth with no pain relief at all."

It has been quite the summer for Harry Kane, having led England’s most successful shot at the World Cup title since 1990, emerging as the top goal scorer and winning the Golden Boot. The summer of 2018 is most definitely one for books for the Kane family.

All of us here at The Phoenix Newspaper would like to congratulate Harry Kane and Kate Goodland on their news and we wish nothing but health and happiness for them and their newest addition to the family.

EastEnders’ star, Rudolph Walker, together with Britain’s Got Talent phenomenon, Donchez Dacres, will take to the stage at this year’s Simmer Down Festival in a bid to raise awareness of the increased risk of prostate cancer in black men.

The two celebrities have joined forces with Simmer Down’s charity partner, Prostate Cancer UK, after new figures released by the charity today(i)reveal that a startling 70 per cent of black men are unaware that black ethnicity is a primary risk factor for the disease. Well over half (60%) of black men over the age of 45 have also never heard of, or don’t know what the PSA blood test is – the first diagnostic step for the disease.

One in four black men will get prostate cancer in their lifetime – double the one in eight risk faced by white men in the UK. Rudolph and Donchez will stand alongside Prostate Cancer UK at this year’s festival to raise awareness of the significant risk that prostate cancer poses to the lives of black men and encourage black families to take action.

Rudolph (78), who is most widely known for his role as Patrick Trueman in the BBC soap EastEnders has been a long-time supporter of Prostate Cancer UK and is one of the charity’s Stronger Knowing More ambassadors.

He said: “The first time I heard about prostate cancer was when my uncle was diagnosed over 20 years ago. I was very close with my uncle but I only found out about his diagnosis after talking to his brother in Trinidad. At that point prostate cancer wasn’t really talked about in any detail in the family.

“My uncle was treated with chemotherapy and lived quite a number of years after being diagnosed but he never spoke about it - never mentioned the serious nature of what he was dealing with. At the time I didn’t really understand how serious it was until one day I had a call to tell me that he’d died from the disease.

“Since then I’ve become determined to do my bit to raise awareness of prostate cancer as much as possible, and so I’m delighted to be back at Simmer Down this year. It’s so important that every black man is aware of his risk and takes the necessary steps to protect himself.”

2018 Britain’s Got Talent finalist, Donchez Dacres (61), who rose to fame with his song,Wiggle Wine, is also a proud supporter of Prostate Cancer UK and will take to the stage at this year’s festival for a one-off performance.

He said: “I am a black man over the age of 50, placing me in two ‘at risk’ groups for prostate cancer. A friend of mine was treated for the disease recently and I’ve seen first-hand the impact it can have on the lives of men and their families.

“I make sure I’m checked regularly for prostate cancer. Thankfully so far my results have come back clear but one in four black men aren’t so lucky. I’m looking forward to getting up on stage at this year’s festival – not only to get everyone moving to Wiggle Wine but also to encourage all black men over the age of 45 to take the first step and book an appointment with the doctor to discuss their prostate cancer risk. It’s a conversation which could save your life.”

Prostate Cancer UK will be supporting the Simmer Down Festival as part of its Stronger Knowing More campaign. The flagship campaign which has been running since January 2017 aims to inspire black men to face their risk of prostate cancer by having the courage to talk to their doctor and spread the word, so that the disease is picked up earlier and treated in time.  Celebrities that have already pledged their support alongside Rudolph Walker include Benjamin Zephaniah, Linford Christie and David Haye.

It is not clear why black men face a higher than average risk of prostate cancer but it is widely thought that genetics could be an underlying factor. The PSA blood test is the first step towards diagnosis and black men are encouraged to start speaking to their GP about the test from the age of 45 – five years earlier than other men.

Tony Wong, Prostate Cancer UK’s Men at Risk Programme Manager said: “We’re delighted to be back at Simmer Down this year and to have the support of both Rudolph and Donchez. With over two thirds of black men still unaware that black ethnicity is a risk factor for prostate cancer we’ve certainly got a big job to do.

“This is a disease that we can’t afford to ignore.  However, as a black man myself I am all too aware of the long-standing taboos that surround prostate cancer within our communities and too many men continue to let pride get in the way of their health. Ultimately, it’s putting lives at risk.

“It’s important to remember that if prostate cancer is caught early it can often be successfully treated and that’s the message we want to get across to men at the festival this year.”

Prostate Cancer UK will have a dedicated area at the festival with information and a Specialist Nurse on hand to speak to people with any questions or concerns about the disease. A number of fun activities will also be taking place at the stand to help raise awareness of the most common cancer in men.

“MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - FALLOUT finds Ethan Hunt and his IMF team in a race against time after a mission goes horribly wrong and nuclear-grade plutonium falls in to the hands of The Apostles – a global terrorist organisation comprised of the surviving members of The Syndicate, who are promising to finish what Ethan Hunt’s ultimate foe, Solomon Lane, started two years earlier.”

Tom Cruise is back for yet another seemingly impossible mission as the world’s most badass secret agent, Ethan Hunt – a character once considered a poor man’s James Bond who has now took on a life of his own, completely separating himself from the rival franchise and establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with who, if we’re all being honest, could probably kick the double-o and the seven out of James Bond. Now, as a Brit, those words feel downright blasphemous leaving my mouth, but there comes a time in every man’s life when he must decide who would win in a fight between two beloved fictional characters and, when it comes down to Hunt vs Bond, I’d have to give the edge to Hunt. Unless we’re talking specifically about Daniel Craig’s Bond, in which case I may be forced to reconsider – but I digress.

Tom Cruise is not the only familiar face returning. Ving Rhames is back as Hunt’s close friend and IMF tech genius Luther, who has been with Hunt since his very first mission back in 1996. Over the years, Cruise and Rhames have developed an excellent rapport and their on-screen chemistry is always fun to watch. Simon Pegg is also back as Benji; another tech-whizz who sometimes doubles as a field agent, and he brings with him that trademark Pegg personality, complete with scathing British sarcasm and awkward British charm. The wonderfully magnetic Rebecca Ferguson returns as the sometimes-ally, sometimes-enemy but always badass Ilsa Faust, whose true intentions are a constant mystery, adding to the ever-escalating tension. Other returning cast-members include Alec Baldwin as Alan Hunley, IMF’s governing body and the wickedly talented Sean Harris, who is as terrifying as ever as Ethan Hunt’s ultimate nemesis, Solomon Lane. There is also a very welcome addition to the cast here in the shape of Henry “The Moustache” Cavill as CIA agent August Walker, who has been tasked with keeping a close eye on Ethan Hunt and his IMF team, with orders to shut them down if things get out of hand. Cavill’s hulking physique contrasts nicely with Cruise’s short, quick and lean physicality, with a fun “strength vs speed” dynamic between the two.

For the first time in the franchises twenty-two year history, we also have a returning director, with Christopher McQuarrie taking on another mission after the fantastic and highly successful ROGUE NATION and once again, he completely knocks it out of the park. It is actually quite difficult to believe that Fallout is only McQuarrie’s fourth feature-film as a director and he is already at a level where he is successfully orchestrating blockbusters of this magnitude, complete with long, intricately choreographed action-sequences and some of the biggest stunts ever committed to screen. It honestly wouldn’t surprise me if, going forward, McQuarrie becomes as integral to this franchise as Tom Cruise, returning for each new instalment and finding new ways to blow our collective minds and, while we’re on the subject of having our minds blown, let’s talk about the stunt-work on display in FALLOUT. Seriously, this cannot be overstated – the stunt-work pulled off here are feats of sheer insanity and it’s quite amazing nobody died during the making of this movie. Most of us have known this for years, but if you still had any doubt in your mind then FALLOUT will confirm it for you; Tom Cruise is an absolute psychopath. Love him or hate him, it is difficult not to admire the sheer devotion this man has for his craft, insisting on giving audiences the most authentic cinematic adrenaline shot possible by performing all of his own stunts. If he’s not speeding through oncoming traffic on a motorcycle, he’s leaping from buildings. If he’s not leaping from buildings, he’s hanging from a helicopter thousands of feet in the air. There is nothing Cruise isn’t prepared to do for this franchise and that passion is infectious and rubs off on the rest of the cast and crew, who all up their game to match his madness. In a cinematic climate where CGI has become so commonplace that most people assume anything that seems far-fetched probably isn’t real, it is refreshing to see a big blockbuster franchise that dares to do things the old way.

Now, let’s not forget that this is a MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE movie and if you’ve seen any of the previous instalments, you know you’re in for a big, silly and completely ludicrous globe-trotting adventure and if you can suspend your disbelief for a few hours, you will love this movie. However, if you’re one of those people who prefer their action movies to be dark, gritty and grounded in reality, FALLOUT is not the film for you, because everything that happens in FALLOUT is utterly preposterous, but the material is approached with such a contagious enthusiasm that no matter how ridiculous things get, it never feels forced or out of place.

A complex plot with high stakes, twists and treachery around every corner, a great cast who all look like they’re having an absolute blast and action like nothing you’ve seen before, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – FALLOUT emerges not only as the best entry in the long-running action franchise, but quite simply as one of the greatest action movies ever made. The cast, the direction, the music, the stunts – everything comes together in a perfect storm of filmmaking, resulting in one of the most breathlessly entertaining movies of the year. MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE has become the most consistent and reliable action franchise out there, with Tom Cruise and company constantly defying expectations and one-upping themselves with each new entry. One can only imagine where they will take any future instalments, because topping FALLOUT is going to be a very tall order, but I said the same thing about GHOST PROTOCOL and ROGUE NATION, so what the hell do I know?

Words by Antony Brown

Ryan Swain's high energy and natural capability to entertain a crowd of all ages was showcased last weekend at SHARDFEST which took place on the Norman Chamberlain Fields in Birmingham for it's successive 5th year running.

Ryan left many people going away feeling elated and entertained after hours of lighting up the crowds he left many going away talking about the positive vibe that he created at this years event in-between the artists. Ryan hosted the main stage on the Saturday alongside STREETCREDs very own Mark Dwayne which was a great chemistry on stage together and funnily enough it didn't take Ryan long to give the duo a name 'Swain & Dwayne.

They shared the stage with Capital Xtra's and former Radio 1 DJ Tim Westwood, exchanging everything from jokes, prize give-aways and even spitting bars together on the main-stage to keep the crowds dancing and entertained through out the show.

Ryan made his name on the live entertainment circuit and has become an household name for hosting and presenting live events across the UK. As well as a TV & Radio presenter Ryan is also a skilled UKG DJ and MC and he didn't hold back at SHARDFEST 2018 hitting the crowds with jaw-dropping freestyles and collaborating for performances live on stage with many of the well established acts who were performing including Lady Ice & Reena Sparks, So Solid Crew, Rich FX, Young Spray, DJ Dan Jolly and Oxide And Neutrino.

Yorkshire born and bread Ryan certainly didn't disappoint and has made a serious impact at SHARDFEST so much so that there's rumors circulating he's coming back to host again 2019.

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We managed to catch up with Ryan in an exclusive interview for Street Cred Magazine about SHARDFEST:

What was your biggest highlight SHARDFEST? For me there was so many, one of the biggest was meeting Matt and learning about his fantastic charity Matt's Mission who helps sick and vulnerable children some of which are terminal. I loved spending time with all those guys and meeting some of the children who he had brought to SHARDFEST with him and meeting all the VIP's and locals. Oxide & Neutrino were a highlight for me, they were smashing the UKG scene 20 years ago and still have got it now. But one of my most exciting highlights was collaborating with DJ Dan Jolly for a live MC set.

Who was your favorite artist at SHARFEST: Musically the Lotto Boys they have a lot of talent and are still currently emerging and I don't think they've completely reached the peak of their success, in my eyes it's just got going for them.

Favorite Tent at SHARDFEST? 

Gotta be STREETCRED right!? However Baby-D smashed the Raveology, you go girl!

Would you come back to SHARDFEST in 2019? 

Of course!

As a DJ who is your biggest idol?Tom Zanetti As an MC who is your biggest idol?


If you could tour doing a touring live show DJin what would it be like?

Craig Davids TS5 Show and would involved live dancers, pyrotechnics, laser show, audience participation and a complete mash-up of every UKG and Dance anthem on record.

Finally what would you like to say to everyone who came to SHARDFEST 2018?

Buy your tickets now for next year, this thing just keeps getting bigger and better and 2019 is gonna be huge and definitely not to be missed!

American superstar comic and award-winning actor Chris Tucker is delighted to announce he is returning to the UK. In his first shows since his UK debut in 2012, this tour will see the stand up bring his brand new live comedy show to Birmingham (Arena Birmingham) this autumn.

Chris Tucker is an international award-winning actor and comedian best known for playing the role of Detective James Carter in Brett Ratner’s Rush Hour film series. He became a favourite on Russell Simmons’ HBO Def Comedy Jam in the 1990s and came to prominence in his first starring role, the 1995 film cult classic Friday starring along- side Ice Cube, which celebrated its 20th Anniversary in 2015. In 1997, Tucker embarked on his first production as executive producer and co-starred in the hit movie, Money Talks with Charlie Sheen and shortly after appeared in the highly successful Luc Besson’s The Fifth Element. In 2006, Tucker negotiated an unprecedented $25 million salary to appear in Rush Hour 3, which at the time made him the highest paid actor in Hollywood.

Chris co-starred in the 2013 Oscar-nominated film Silver Linings Playbook with Robert DeNiro, Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper. In 2015, his first standup film, Chris Tucker Live, was released exclusively on Netflix, and marked the first project that Tucker has starred in and produced through his own company, Chris Tucker Entertainment. Tucker’s latest project was Ang Lee’s powerful Iraq war-centric film, Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk co-starring with Vin Diesel and Steve Martin, which was released in theatres in November 2016. To date, Tucker has starred in films that have collectively grossed over one billion dollars in box office sales world- wide.

In 2017, Chris embarked on a successful U.S. and international comedy tour, receiving rave reviews from all over the world.

Outside of comedy, Tucker is a dedicated humanitarian, spending much of his spare time traveling around the world, doing philanthropic work to make a difference through his Chris Tucker Foundation.

Aldersley Leisure Village will play host to the Grand Slam of Darts in November – and a new artist’s impression shows what the venue is expected to look like for this major sporting event.

It means the best of the best will continue to compete in the City of Wolverhampton, while its usual home – Wolverhampton’s Civic Halls - undergoes refurbishment.

To help people get to Aldersley, City of Wolverhampton Council is providing return coach travel from the city centre for just £2 when bought in advance.

The 32-player tournament features players from both the PDC and BDO systems competing across nine days from Saturday, November 10 to Sunday 18.

Cabinet Member for City Economy, Councillor John Reynolds, said: “The Grand Slam of Darts puts the city on the map, is watched by millions of people across the globe and attracts thousands of visitors to the city.

“It is great news that we have been able to keep this key event in the city and this artist’s impression shows what fans attending the Grand Slam of Darts at Aldersley Leisure Village can look forward to.”

PDC Chairman Barry Hearn said: "The bwin Grand Slam of Darts is synonymous with being held in Wolverhampton, and though the Wolves Civic is currently closed it's great that we can keep the tournament within the city.

"We've received great support from fans in the West Midlands and the City of Wolverhampton Council over the past decade, and I'm sure that the Aldersley Leisure Village will prove a popular new home for the event this year."

Tickets for the 2018 bwin Grand Slam of Darts are on General Sale from Wolves Civic Box Office, by calling 0870 320 7000, or in person from the box office located at Wolverhampton Art Gallery in Lichfield Street.

Disabled Access Tickets are available by calling 01902 55 0969.

The Sky Sports-televised event initially sees the 32 players split into eight groups of four for the round-robin phase over the opening four days from Saturday, November 10.

The top two players from each group then progress to the knockout phase from the second round onwards, before the tournament concludes with the semi-finals and final on Sunday, November 18.

Reigning champion Michael van Gerwen will headline the field of stars competing in the 2018 Grand Slam of Darts, alongside PDC World Champion Rob Cross and BDO Lakeside Champion Glen Durrant.

2018 UK Open champion Gary Anderson, colourful Peter Wright, and reigning World Youth Champion Dimitri Van den Bergh, will also compete in the City of Wolverhampton.

Tickets are limited to six per person per session for Table Tickets. Under-14s are required to be accompanied by an adult. Tiered Seat Tickets will not go on sale until Table Tickets have sold out.

Utah band The Aces released their debut album When My Heart Felt Volcanic to acclaim across the world in April and have been on the road ever since. Today the band announce their first UK and European headline tour that begins on 5th November 2018 and takes in London Dingwalls on 20th November 2018. This will follow the support tour with 5 Seconds Of Summer in the U.S.

The band commented: “Doing something obvious for the song felt very vanilla to us, so when Alisa was writing the treatment we decided to go in a much more literal direction to define what The Last One means. The song is about being addicted to someone that’s taking over your life and it’s killing you, but instead of a person we wanted to use a poignant symbol that embodies addiction.”

The Aces will be joining Five Seconds Of Summer on their U.S tour which starts 27th August in Toronto, and takes The Aces down the east coast, through the Midwest ending on the west coast in Los Angeles on 12th October.

The Aces UK Tour Dates:

November: Wednesday 14th – Birmingham @ Hare & Hounds Thursday 15th – Glasgow @ King Tuts Saturday 17th – Dublin @ The Soundhouse Sunday 18th – Manchester @ Soup Kitchen Monday 19th – Bristol @ Louisiana Tuesday 20th – LONDON @ Dingwalls

International musicians will be delighting audiences at Sandwell Arts Café in West Bromwich as part of the Birmingham, Solihull and Sandwell Jazz Festival.

Free concerts will take place at 12 noon on both Friday 20 July (Arkansas Dave) and Friday 27 July (Les Zauto Stompers de Paris), at the Arts Café at Sandwell College’s Central Sixth campus in New Street.

The festival, which runs from 20 to 29 July, gives a chance for people to come and to experience a wide variety of jazz and blues music.

Arkansas Dave from the United States was brought up on blues and rock and roll and took to the roads as part of Guitar Shorty’s band before making his breakthrough album in 2016. His music is original with blues, gospel and rock and roll coming together to make jazz songs for the 21st century.

Les Zauto Stompers de Paris were formed in 2004, with some of the most experienced players in the field. They perform jazz classics and 1920s and ‘30s music including songs by the likes of Walter Donaldson and Hoagy Carmichael. This quartet of musicians from Paris are amazing entertainers which strive to give you a performance you are unlikely to forget.

Councillor Steve Trow, Sandwell Council’s cabinet member for culture and core council services, said: “We look forward to giving Arkansas Dave and Les Zauto Stompers de Paris a warm welcome at the Arts Café.

“The jazz festival is a great opportunity for people from Sandwell and the rest of the Black Country to get involved in an international music festival and enjoy fantastic music from the UK and around the world right on their doorstep.”

The 22nd Annual St. Kitts Music Festival, which took place from 27 June – 1 July, was a phenomenal success after drawing record attendees and the festival hashtag featuring on the 'trending' page of Twitter.

Festival-goers were treated to a stellar line-up of both local and international artists across the five days, including the Grammy-nominated Nailah Blackman, Grammy Hall of Fame, Hollywood Walk of Fame and Songwriters Hall of Fame artist Patti LaBelle, KES the band, Lauryn Hill and Fetty Wap.

“The festival drew a record numbers of attendees from all over the world, including the UK, and the feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive,” said CEO of the St. Kitts Tourism Board, Racquel Brown.

“As well as the great feedback, the festival hashtag #SKMF2018 was trending on Twitter – something that we've never achieved before. The buzz around the island during the festival was electric and we hope to continue building momentum ahead of our 25th year anniversary of the St. Kitts Music Festival in 2021.”

There was truly something for everyone with music from a variety of genres, including R&B, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Soca, Calypso, Gospel and Contemporary.

Even after the acts ended each night, festival goers continued on into the night enjoying local performances, dining and drinking at local establishments, and attending after-parties.

“We've had year-on-year success with the St. Kitts Music Festival, and it's great for both attendees enjoying the festival and local St. Kittians for increased business. It's a fantastic event for the island and one of the largest events on our calendar each year.”

In 2016, the legendary guitarist and composer Gordon Giltrap underwent two lots of major surgery at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham. He recovered remarkably well from both surgeries and has since been able to return to his life as a working musician.

Gordon decided as a way of saying thank you to the surgeons and nursing team at the hospital, he would create an album from a previous release with additional new tracks to raise money for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham Charity.

The end result is a remarkable work entitled Heartsongs featuring major artists from the rock world who played on the opening track and the closing track. Names familiar to many like, Brian May of Queen, Midge Ure, Steve Howe from Yes, Neil Murray from Black Sabbath, Simon Phillips from Toto, and last but not least that national treasure Rick Wakeman.

Whilst putting the album together Gordon's son Jamie tragically passed away. This album is dedicated to his memory.

Justine Davy, Head of Fundraising for QEHB Charity said: “QEHB Charity is hugely grateful for the amazing work of Gordon. It is so special that he has used his musical talents to raise money for a cause that is close to his heart.”

The Charity is selling Gordon’s album in the Charity shop in the main atrium at QEHB, as well as online at, go online now to purchase a copy!