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On 29 November 2022 the Census Data for 2021 was published. The data collected indicated that the British population is the most diverse it has ever been since records began. 18.3% of the population are ethnically diverse, nearly one in five people.

Sporting Equals has been encouraging sports governing bodies and organisations to set a target of 20% representation for ethnically diverse people in positions of leadership such as the Board, senior management and coaches.

Renowned Birmingham entrepreneur and corporate networker Professor Paul Cadman is to help disadvantaged youngsters from across the West Midlands secure better life chances after becoming a ‘Business Ambassador‘ for a leading personal development charity.

Paul, who was recently made an Honorary Fellow of University College Birmingham, is the latest influencer to join Digbeth-based Sport 4 Life UK, which harnesses the power of sport to improve employability skills among 11- to 29-year-olds.

A team of 40 will represent Great Britain and Northern Ireland at the 2022 European Cross Country Championships in Turin, Italy on Sunday 11 December.

Trial winners Jess Warner-Judd and Emile Cairess lead the senior teams heading to the Championships in just under two weeks’ time, while two reigning European gold medallists, Megan Keith and Charles Hicks are also selected to compete.