Seychelles prides itself on having religious denominations as part of its culture, where people of different religions are able to live together in complete harmony.

The country’s Minister for Tourism and Culture, Alain St.Ange, said this when speaking to the eminent scholar and lecturer on Islam, Dr. Bilal Philips, and Mutah Beale, who was a former rapper, during a courtesy call at the Ministry of Tourism and Culture Offices.

Welcoming the lecturers to Seychelles, Minister St.Ange said they have come as ambassadors of the Islam faith at an opportune time when the world is preoccupied by the Paris attacks. The Islam scholar and lecturer were in Seychelles to give lectures on themes such as “Islam branded” and “Thug life.” These lectures are open to members of the public regardless of their religious denominations.

Minister St.Ange said visits like this to Seychelles can ensure that people become more aware about what the Islamic faith is all about. “We need people like you to visit our country and to promote unity through your teachings,” Minister St.Ange said. There are Muslims who act in the name of Islam but in reality violate the principles and teachings of this religion, which Dr. Philips said one must not blame the religious denomination for it, but the individuals who are involved in such acts.

Dr. Bilal also thanked the Minister and invited him to join them at the inaugural lecture entitled “Islam under a cloud” at the International Conference Centre of Seychelles on Friday evening. Also present for the meeting in the Minister’s office were the Principal Secretary for Culture Benjamine Rose; Ibrahim Afif, the President of the Seychelles Islamic Society; and other representatives of the Islamic society.