Beauty looks created by Lynsey Alexander, Global Creative Makeup Artist of Prada Beauty.


Alexander starts by preparing the skin with Prada Skincare, employing Prada Augmented Skin The Serum as the first step. This is followed by Prada Augmented Skin The Cream, ensuring its complete absorption before the application of the base.

The finishing touch is the delicate utilization of Prada Reveal Foundation, achieving a naturally diffused, soft-matte finish. To define the facial contours, Lynsey relies on Prada Monochrome soft matte lipsticks for contouring and utilizes the Prada Dimensions eye palette Pure 05 to highlight cheekbones, cupid's bow, and collarbones.


The focal point of Alexander's looks are the luminous, gleaming eyes. The newly unveiled Prada Dimensions eyeshadow palettes are blended across nudes, browns, and oranges (mixing Pulse 03, Poetry 04, Pure 05, Pulp 06) to create bespoke shades for each skin tone.

As a final flourish, she gently pats Prada Augmented Skin The Serum onto the eyelids. The result is a futuristic and reflective element.


To frame the eyes and infuse a touch of strength, Lynsey meticulously sculpts boyish brows. Using the Prada Dimensions eyeshadow palettes, she customizes the perfect shade by individually mixing nude and brown hues, applying them with precision using the Prada Brow & Eyeliner brush 08 for an impeccable finish.


To prepare the lips Lynsey applies Prada Balm as a lip primer then opting for soft and matte lips, using Prada Monochrome B01 Argile as a base layered with other beige and brown shades for a personalized application for every model.

The lips exude a modern allure while maintaining a subtle elegance, enhancing rather than overpowering. Some models on the runway showcased the intensity of lipsticks, alternating with the more understated nude looks featuring the soft Matte lipsticks.

Product list:


  • Prada Augmented Skin The Serum
  • Prada Augmented Skin The Cream
  • Prada Reveal Skin optimizing Foundation


  • Prada Dimensions Eyeshadow 03, 04, 05, 06
  • Prada Augmented Skin The Serum


  • Prada Dimensions Eyeshadow
  • Prada Brow & Eyeliner brush 08


  • Prada Balm
  • Prada Monochrome Lipstick