A new study has discovered the most in-demand Nintendo costumes according to Google search data, with Princess Peach taking the crown.  

The study, conducted by gaming site Ask Gamblers, analysed the number of Google searches for Nintendo characters costumes by combining the character name with the term ‘costume’ to determine the average global search volume each month.  


Receiving a gold medal for the most searched for costume across the globe is Princess Peach with an average monthly search volume of 35,000. While she may have made her first appearance in Super Mario Bros. way back in 1985, the popularity of the Mushroom Kingdom’s princess is here to stay – and she will be gracing our screens next year in the upcoming movie, voiced by Anya Taylor-Joy. 

Falling short of the crown is the beloved Pikachu in second place with the costume boasting a search volume of 26,000 on average per month. Known as the mascot of the Pokémon franchise, Pikachu first appeared in 1996 in the video games and has continued to make appearance in a range of movies, including Detective Pikachu. 

Taking home the bronze medal is Nintendo’s mascot Mario with a staggering 25,000 average monthly searches for his costume. His character was actually called ‘Jumpman’ in the 1981 Donkey Kong arcade game, which was his first appearance – and he has continued to feature in over 200 games. 

He may not have a spot on the podium, but Luigi stands in fourth place on the list of the most in-demand Nintendo costumes. The younger brother and sidekick of Mario has an average total of 16,000 searches each month – but green hasn’t always been the colour if his famous attire, as he has been spotted wearing blue overalls paired with a yellow shirt back in the 1984 game Wrecking Crew. 

In fifth place is Yoshi, the sidekick of Mario and Luigi, with an average monthly search volume of 13,000. The loveable green dinosaur was supposed to feature in the 1985 Super Mario Bros, but technical limitations got in the way – so Yoshi first debuted in Super Mario World in 1990 instead. 

Next on the list is Bowser in sixth place, one of the major characters of the Mario franchise, with a total average of 11,000 Google searches per month for his costume. Also known as King Koopa, Bowser is the arch-nemesis of Mario, and is certainly one of the most recognisable video game villains of all time. 

Taking the seventh spot on the list is Ash Ketchum, with 10,000 average monthly searches for his costume around the world. Although Ash and Pikachu are a famous duo, Ash was late to select his first Pokemon, thus meaning he was stuck with Pikachu – from that moment on, the partnership began. 

In eighth place is Link, the protagonist of The Legend of Zelda franchise, gaining 9,000 average searches a month in total. The gaming franchise first started in 1986, with the 45th game set to release in May 2023. 

Following in ninth place is Waluigi, another character of the Mario franchise to make the top 10, receiving a total of 7,700 average monthly searches. His name actually translates to ‘bad Luigi’, which explains his mischievous behaviour and the fact that he is one of Luigi’s arch-rivals. 

Last on the list is Wario, the antithesis to Mario, who has earned 6,300 average monthly searches for his costume. Not only has he featured in many of the Mario series games, but he also gained his own series after the popularity of his character in Super Mario Land 2: Golden Coins. 

A spokesperson from Ask Gamblers commented on the findings: “Although the popularity of Nintendo is no secret, it’s fascinating to see how many people around the world are eager to bring the video game characters to life with costumes. The news of the upcoming Super Marios Bros movie could certainly be a factor in the interest of costumes belonging to the Mario franchise, but it’s exciting to see the demand for costumes of characters of alternative series such as Link and Ash Ketchum.” 

The research was conducted by askgamblers.com, a leading online casino authority in the gambling industry which provides the latest information on online casinos, including the best casino reviews and ratings by both its team of experts and real casino players.