Pupils have a ‘pharaoh’ time in Egypt workshop

Pupils have a ‘pharaoh’ time in Egypt workshop


Children at The Olive School, Birmingham have been learning about a civilisation of the past when they took part in a workshop about ancient Egypt.

The Year 3 pupils had a ‘pharaoh’ time learning about how the ancient Egyptians created their own paper-like material, papyrus, from reeds.

They also learned how ancient Egyptians wrote using pictures called hieroglyphics with each character standing for different words. Pupils then created their own cartouches, an oval circle that looked rather like a nameplate, on which pharaohs and important people encircled their name.

A mobile studio was set up in school containing all of the materials and equipment needed to create a cartouche so the children could create their own masterpiece.

Year 3 pupil Eesa Siraj said: “I really enjoyed learning about hieroglyphics and using these to create my own painting. The ancient Egyptians were really clever.”

Rifat Batool, Principal at The Olive School, Birmingham, said: “The interactive workshop provided the children with an outstanding and engaging way to explore this ancient civilisation and culture. They thoroughly enjoyed it.”

The Olive School, Birmingham is a primary free school for pupils aged from 4 to 11 years. The school is part of Star Academies, one of the UK’s leading multi-academy trusts and opened in September 2016. The school currently has pupils in Reception, Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3.

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