Britain is nation of prolific tea drinkers, but we’re lagging in the global tea drinking league tables, according to a new survey by working animal charity, SPANA. West Midland tea drinkers get through more tea than any other region in Britain with over half (52%) drinking four or more cups a day, while over one in ten (11%) make their way through eight or more cups each day – equating to more than 2,900 cups per person each year.

With such vast quantities consumed, people in the West Midlands think the UK holds the title as the world’s number one tea drinking nation. 40% believe that people in the UK drink more tea per person than any other country each year, followed by China (20%) and India (14%). However, the UK is actually trailing in the world tea drinking rankings – sitting in fifth place behind (1) Turkey, (2) Morocco, (3) Ireland and (4) Mauritania.[1] In fact, people in Turkey drink two and a half times as much tea on average each year as people in the UK.

Despite the popularity of tea beyond our shores, only a British brew will do for tea drinkers from the West Midlands however. West Midlands’ tea drinkers worry the most about finding their favourite tea overseas (29%) and over half of the region’s tea drinkers who have been abroad (50%) have taken their own tea with them, or plan to in the future. Regular black tea blend – chosen by 58% of tea drinkers – followed by English Breakfast (17%) and green tea (8%), rank as people from the West Midlands’ favourite types of tea.

The research was carried out to mark the launch of the SPANA World Tea Party fundraising event. The charity is encouraging everyone to hold a world-themed tea party this summer to support its work providing free veterinary treatment to sick and injured working animals in some of the world’s poorest countries.

Joanna Lumley is supporting the new campaign. Joanna said: “I’m thrilled to be supporting the SPANA World Tea Party – a tea party with a difference! Whether you’re inspired to hold a Moroccan mint tea party, an Ethiopian coffee morning or another global destination takes your fancy, amaze your friends and family with your own world-themed tea party and let the exotic colours and flavours whisk you away. All the funds raised will enable SPANA to give free veterinary treatment to sick and injured working animals in the world’s poorest countries, helping both animals and the families that depend on them.”


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