They come from near and far to get the very best, fresh Caribbean fruits and vegetables there is in Birmingham. And B Caney grocers and convenience food store have well and truly proved to be the zenith for the ultimate destination.

Situated at the corner of Soho Road and Boulton Road, in Handsworth in Birmingham, a constant flow of regular, always very pleased customers have made it the ‘must-go-to’ shop to get the best named Caribbean products and the too-often hard to get products that is regular on the majority of the Caribbean islands. It’s about giving that ‘back home’ feeling.

Run by the knowledgeable and affably named ‘Short Man’, his position in the multi-cultural metropolis that he calls his home has proved a haven for those from pretty much all the communities around him who only want the very best.

He is continuing the ‘food’ ethos from his mum, who has provided a food outlet at carnivals throughout the UK for over 30-years.

Whether it be ackee, callaloo, guinep, guava, sugar cane, sweet sop and soursop, Caribbean seasoning, and much more, there is nowhere that can beat it.

And, as he is always thinking ‘one-step-ahead’, Short Man is thinking big for the future.

“Having fully established myself here”, he says, “I’m forever looking to the future, for the benefit of my partner and children with plans to expand the business and, eventually open a superstore so that I can cater for everybody.

“That’s important for me now having seen the varied nationality who come here – from around the city, county and, indeed, towns and cities the length and breadth of the UK.

“And this Black History Month only enhances people’s love of the foods I sell and grows B Caney on an even greater scale.

“And, as I encourage the next generation behind me, ‘If I can do it, you too can do it.’ Just don’t let anything or anyone get in the way of your dream.”

Happy that everybody around him loves to engage with him and his first-class produce, Short Man is thinking big for him and his family’s future.

Next time you’re in Birmingham and you fancy quality authentic Caribbean produce to give you that unmistakable reminder of the region, of you can’t go wrong with Short Man and his selection.

Short Man believes the key to life starts with healthy living, and that is why he is so passionate about providing only the very best fresh produce for his customers, who love to talk with him, as much as they love his wares and the atmosphere he has created.