Skiers buying travel insurance early to beat Brexit – Consumer Intelligence

Skiers buying travel insurance early to beat Brexit – Consumer Intelligence


Nearly one in three skiing holidaymakers have bought insurance early to beat the risk of a Brexit fallout hitting their plans, new research1 from award-winning data analytics company Consumer Intelligence shows.

Around 30% of regular skiers say they bought travel insurance earlier than usual over concerns that the UK’s planned departure from the European Union on 29th March could mean disruption at resorts.

Consumer Intelligence’s research found nearly half (45%) of skiers expect to have to pay more for travel insurance after Brexit.

And the study also found that Brexit could have even more profound long-term effects on the UK’s £2.9 billion a year ski holiday market.

The Association of British Insurers is warning that in the event of the UK leaving without a Withdrawal Agreement the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) which entitles UK tourists to state-provided healthcare will no longer apply.

Holidaymakers questioned by Consumer Intelligence say they may vote with their skis – around half say they will consider resorts outside the European Union following Brexit with 25% looking at trips to North American for snow.

Around 36% of those considering leaving the EU behind say worries about increased medical bills or access to EU medical services are the main reason for looking outside the EU post-Brexit.

John Blevins, Consumer Intelligence insurance pricing expert said: “Buying travel insurance when you book a trip makes sense as it provides cover against cancellation or for not being able to ski when you get to a resort.

While Brexit uncertainty may have played a part it is encouraging that so many are buying insurance early so will be covered in the event of any issues.”


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