Slovenia is a land of countless natural beauties, cultural treasures, top health and wellness resorts and superb gastronomy, which the Slovenian Tourist Board aims to showcase to visitors in an innovative and attractive way.

To achieve this, the Board continually analyses current marketing trends and develops projects designed to excite tourists, spark their curiosity and inspire them to explore further. By staying at the forefront of marketing strategies, the Slovenian Tourist Board ensures that the country's unique attractions are presented in the most engaging and appealing manner possible.

The most recent projects to boost Slovenia's visibility include three new projects: Sounds Like Slovenia, a series of audio stories, an AI-powered virtual assistant named Alma on and the "Slovenia - Sports Destination" website.

Alma, named after the adventurous traveller and writer Alma M. Karlin, operates using advanced AI technology, filtering content to suit user interests. She sources reliable information from the database and over 50 verified websites of Slovenian tourist destinations and providers.

As one of the first AI assistants in Slovenian tourism, and among the few AI assistants integrated in national tourism organizations' websites in Europe, Alma positions as a reliable source of information and inspiration for international visitors. The Slovenia–Sports Destination website serves as a comprehensive resource for organizing sports activities and events, conferences, rehabilitation and inspiration, available in both Slovenian and English.

Sports agencies, clubs, and event organizers can use the portal to connect directly with relevant partners in Slovenia. The website also provides direct contacts for specialized sports agencies and federations, assisting with the organization of preparatory matches and other logistical needs.

Information on sports accommodations is also available. Thematic playlists on Spotify and sound stories on provide an immersive audio experience of Slovenia's landscapes and cultural offerings.

Themes are categorized into five categories: the Sounds of Nature, Thrilling Outdoor Adventures, Cities and Culture, Health and Well-Being, and Gastronomy. Crafted for the global digital campaign, the audio list aims to captivate travellers worldwide.

Together, these projects demonstrate Slovenia's dedication to innovation and sustainability in tourism, offering visitors unforgettable experiences in this vibrant European destination with a green heart.