Sons of Rest revamp to help local community in Wednesbury

Sons of Rest revamp to help local community in Wednesbury


A popular Sons of Rest building in Wednesbury is to be refurbished to help increase the range of activities for the local community.

The Brunswick Park Sons of Rest is to get a facelift to help develop additional activities and increase income to support existing and new groups.

Money towards improving a room and furniture at the Foley Street centre is coming from a Sandwell Council small towns grant worth £1,340.

The building is used as a leisure centre for older people to enjoy games such as snooker, crib, billiards and dominoes. A range of other activities are organised by members throughout the year.

The building is used by local groups including the Friends of Brunswick Park, Women’s Institute, a bird club, whist drive and the Sons and Daughters of Rest.

The Sons of Rest has also applied for funding from the Tesco Bags of Help scheme, in which it has been shortlisted with an announcement due next week. A minimum of £1,000 is guaranteed from the scheme.

Wednesbury town lead member Councillor Pam Hughes said: “I am so pleased that we are able to help this long-established group who are looking to open up the centre to other user groups.”

Sons of Rest treasurer Colin James said: “Once the room has been refurbished it will be a much better facility for local residents and groups to use.”

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